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line snow&&interrobang


+twenty-two. student.

+friends only. comment to be added. I'll probably add you back. but I don't comment much. I like to say I'll make the effort, but no promises. I'm just always afraid of leaving really stupid pointless comments. just know that I do indeed read your entries. :)

+I used to update this thing every day. I don't so much anymore, but every so often you might see a post. :)
+harry potter. jack kerouac. lolita. sarah dessen. east of eden. house of leaves. william faulkner. RED the book.

+serge gainsbourg. sigur rós. air. the killers. spring awakening. harry and the potters. "konstantine." ed sheeran. one direction. the avett brothers. mumford and sons. this list changes a lot.

+cabaret. the science of sleep. 10 things I hate about you. slumdog millionaire. wall•e. casablanca. the holiday. when harry met sally.

+joss whedon. buffy. angel. firefly. dollhouse. gossip girl. dawson's creek.
+font used is Georgia. layout created under a 1280x800 resolution on a Mac, using Safari. layout created by aeval, tweaked by kunzite1, edited by me. userinfo contains a brush by 77words. quote in journal header from the song "quand tu t'y mets" by serge gainsbourg. luke and noah mood theme is by frances_veritas.

+I don't do much by way of icons and headers and such anymore, but nevertheless, chances are I've used something of yours. all of my resources are in my memories, or in the memories of aimerzjd (old journal.) if I have taken and/or used something of yours without crediting, please e-mail or IM me and I will correct that mistake.

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