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Professional Alchemist


Edward Elric
18 November
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People cannot gain something without sacrificing something. You must present something of equal value to gain something. That is the principal of Equivalent Trade in Alchemy. We believed that to be the truth of the world when we were young.

Pure has become impure.
Impure has become pure.
To live is to die.
To die is to live.

Even across time.
Distances apart.
Lost in eternity,
Never apart,
I dream of you.

From here lets make a promise
We're gonna run
And nothing's gonna stop us
Even the darkness that falls all around us.

Welcome. You have reached the journal of the famous, alchemist!

And here you stand. In my little corner of LJ. Hahaha. Well. Most of you may know me. Since I've been a member for over a year, I just migrated my name from my original to this one. There are reasons why I moved. Some of you are aware. Some of you, if you don't. Just ask. But anyway. Here you are. Below is most of the content from my original profile. Just. Tweaked. xD

I did retain my phenotype profile. <3

A bit about me... Or all you may wish to know.

Dragon/Dracon profile

Name: Yami

Species: Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: Fifty years old

Height: 20" 6'

Weight: 2 tons

Length: Fifteen feet from snout to tail tip.

Mane color: Silver

Eye color: Emerald green

Skin/scale color: Deep grayish to black ash

Race: Ruh'lus

Intrests: Sun-bathing on slanted, graphite rocks during intensely hot days, or refreshing himself among the frequent sandstorms that plague the isolated desert valley of towering rock and sand in which he lives upon. It's not uncommon to see him venture out of his valley in search of new discoveries. He can sometimes be extremely sarcastic or deadpan with others.

Hobbies: Adventuring, Sun-bathing, dry jokes or humor, hunting, Star-searching, solitude.

A bit about Yami. Or, what info managed to get on this elusive dragon:

Yami is a large, standard black dragon with large, thin-scaled black wings that protrude from the shoulder blades and attach at the flanks and a curved spike at the bend. Deep-set green eyes, silver mane and graceful neck, he is a sight to behold, but his tentative nature speaks of a tainted past. With a history not well known, Yami contents himself with extensive periods of solitude and sometimes is rarely seem among the company of others.

In the times when need calls for companionship, Yami has been known to confer with all types of species, from humans to canids, to bi-pedal forms to weres.

Usually, this dragon enjoys the company of others, but has been known to be a bit overly-sarcastic at times when trying to be humorous in passing, or sometimes deadpan when needed to be serious. Still, he manages to express some enjoyment when in the light of others, but goes back to revealing in the glow of solitude when alone once again.

Even in dreams, visions of purity, nothing can express my love for you. Even if it's distant, even if you do not understand, I will always care. In blackest hours, in darkest nights, my faith cannot be bound. I am always here, forever in heart. Don't turn away, this is only the start.

Human/actual profile

Goes by: Well... If I told you that, then you'd be able to find me. And boy, there are some scary people out there. :P Just call me Ed or Mist. xD

Age: Not telling. xP

Gender: Female.

Hair color: Medium brown. But I am about ready to dye it again. Gonna add highlights this time.

Skin color: Medium tan. It's that Italian I tell you. :P

Eye color: Brown. Though I wish I had green or blue. LOL

Height: 5" 7' Glad I am not too much taller. Ducking under doorways has got to suck. X.x

Weight: Now... Wouldn't you like to know?

Race: White, but I am mostly Italian.

Species: U.U Homo Sapian. Glad I am not some rabid, shit slinging monkey who is obsessed with bananas. Though... They are cute to watch.

Intrests: Too many to list. Look for the Intrests list below this entry.

Hobbies: Art, chatting, playing games (video or RPG) making friends, hanging out, watching anime, playing Furcadia.

Occupation: CNA. Or in other words. Nursing assistant. Hell... Call it, an offical ass wiper for a certified nursing home. @_@

Well... I was born in Pilly PA, and moved to FL at the age of 8. I have lived in FL for most of my current life, never adapting to the rugged and irritating climate that makes this state. During my residence, I have graduated high school and completed a tech school, receiving a degree in commercial art. I also took a 3 week course in CNA, earning me a license to work in the medical feild as a PCP.

Along the way, I have made a few intresting friends as well as endured many strange and sometimes over-bearing escapades.

I am not a person that usually enjoys fighting or, creating strife. But when the need arises, I can be belligerent at times. That is just genes I guess. It usually only kicks in when I am upset over something, or when someone is messing with someone I care for. But aside from that, I am a very easy-going person to deal with.

Currently, I aminvolved with a VERY special person. She's a very compassionate, considerate and loving person. I feel that this time, the situation is different and that I won't have to be a lone anymore. For once, I can say, I am happy. n.n;;

I love you, Jess!


Other people that rock my socks and just are all around wonderful:

madoka <---Online best friend
le_squeaky ILU!

You guys... Are just AWESOME!

As for the rest of my info...

In the way of pets. I've owned quite a few animals in my time. From dogs to cats. From fish to birds. I believe I have owned sucha varity of animals, that there isn't too much left to not experience. At the present, I own four cockatiels. Four very NOISY cockatiels. If I have had my druthers, I would be owning a dog. I've seen some really cute small, and mini dogs in the recent. Some being mini Chihuahuas, to toycup Minpins and Yorkies. I won't deny that I do love my birds... It's just, listening to their infernal screeching on a daily basis, really gets to the nerves. At least dogs are easier to quiet. :X

Letsee: To describe me a bit further... I am... Very outspoken, down to Earth and open-minded. I enjoy hanging out with friends. (That is, when we're not busy with work o.o) Taking in movies, playing a varity of video games ranging from online - such as Furcadia, and Go-Gaia, to console games like PS2 and GameCube. But, DO NOT ask me about xBox. Of all things, refrain from that. I will not feed any more money into Bill Gates then necessary. And as far as I am concerned crapbox is just another avenue for him to bribe, rip and swaggle money out of us. If the world wasn't bad enough as it is. And I am sure not going to help him mangle the gaming world for Nintendo and Sony as is. So, chats relating to crapbox, I do not join. >.>

Aside from that. I also enjoy dabbling in art, as well as a small bit of writing. My next goal is to insert myself into the Japanese culture by clawing to become an anime artist. Or, animator in general. Currently... I range deeply in mostly fantasy art... As well as origional character creation. My muse... The wonderfuly insane Yami Dragon, helps me create, compose and derive most of my own ideas and character shells for RPGs, stories and anything in general. I also insert myself into comprising lots of dragon and unicorn art. Though, I will draw mostly anything... I am usually found indulging in mythology as a main intrest. Some would say, I could become lost in the Dark Ages if I had the chance. LOL

Also... MY range in music is a bit small, but very diverse. My intrests usually include varities of Pop-n-Rock, some Heavy Metal, usualy soft or contemporary, some Older music, I.E. 80's and 90's as well as a small aomount of hip hop, broader alternitive and techno. Music I usually do not do are Rap and out-land music except Japanese. If i cannot understand it, I usually do not listen to it.

My range in artists vary, so it's virtually pointless to list them. However, if it's got a good beat and the lyrics are right, I might listen to it. n.n

I've also aquired a very good friend in the past 12 years. Unlike me, we are not quite alike, but considering our lives run almost the same course, and that she hasn't been as lucky to ascertain good friends like I have... We bonded into best friends realitivly quickly. Which has flourished over the years, and lands at a tweleve year friendship. *Hugs Queen Rose* Yes. Indeed. The strength, trust, and compassion of a confidant is what builds a strong friendship. If it wasn't for her, I am not sure where I'd be today.

Usually to idle the time, I have also been known to delve into the reaches of my mind and pull out the angust or whimsical essences residing deep within. Among most things, I have not been known to write fiction or poetry well... (Some beg to differ with my recent poems) But I do consider myself a very good quote artist. Over the past year or so, I have found that I've had a knack for writing sayings, true or close to true meanings towards life. Some have been known to hold deep, emotional value, some more dark and angust. I consider myself someone with a marred past. Or, one that is virtualy imperfect. I've had a lot happen to me over the last 24 years. Some that I even consider... Distastful... Or ones I wish to forget. But because of this past, it has helped me express myself with meaningful quotes. Just a few to name... You can read below.

"We are all immortal in spirit, but in body, we are nothing more then mere shells of what is to come."

"Remember. Life will come to an end. Only after you stop living."

"Oh giving Light and immortal Darkness. Please take me upon your eternal crescent wings so that I may be free."

"Don't forget where your past lies. For your future depends on it."

"Only the naked eyes see the exterior. The soul is the gateway to knowing the truth."

There are many more poems and sayings that I have created. Just, the list is too long to list here. Wouldn't want to suck out a half a page with that. ^_-;;;;

Hrrmmm... I know there is a lot more about me to list... But at the moment, it seems my muse has left me. O.o Gah! And when that happens... Forget it. So... Knowing that at the moment, there isn't possibly more to add, I will leave it here. I hope I didn't scare you off with my incessant ramblings. But, for those of you with the curiousity... I professed all there is at the moment to know about me. (>^-^)> So as they say in France... Departing from the scene. For now, I bid everyone Adieu and thanks for visiting my lovely corner of Live Journal.

To catch me online or join me in my favorite lounge spots: I usually hang out at:

Community interests on LJ:

Envy and Ed are lovers.

Envy is not ugly love.

Pride is so sexy! love.

Lust is trying to get you in bed love
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Site and game interests:

http://www.furcadia.com (It's a download. But it's free.)
Characters I play under:
And many others.

My personal corner on DeviantArt.com :)

A large, but laggy... >.< anime RPG site. Wonderful for you anime/R/P fans. I am quite new to the site myself. But my user name or character name is: Benevolent. Come on over and join me!

Largest site I know of for animated flash movies. During my many visits... I have seen some halirious, thigh slapping videos. I suggest ya'll check it out too. Hrhrhrhrhrhr