7th i met up with laura and linzy
&we went to lunch becuase i had a pass for "the orthodontist"
&then 8th linzy and i left
we walked to stewarts &got ice cream
linzy decided we were sunny and shady
im the shady one of course.
then we like walked through the back of that car wash
&we ran across the street
over to the presb. church and had a picnic
on that lame playground.
but we both had to peeeeee.. so bad.
so out of nowehre this random lady pulls into the lot
and is like HI KIDS. and we are like we need to pee.
&she opened the doors and we like skipped down the hallway
&iwas like OooO linzy i used to go here for schools out
&the bathroom is haunted &there is a random green chair
& then i like made faces in the mirror.
your jealous.
then we left, continued our picnic and discussed
future plans about when we can drive how we will skip school
&drive to nyc becuase its linzys home
&my future home with gregg &her.
yay for new york city and picnics and lame playgrounds.
eh so then we missed the regular bus
and we walked around searching for melanie
we saw laura & sarah.
then we found melanie and she went off with her
and i went of with the lovely kelsey!
&we discussed interprative dances
it was pretty sweet
this was a lame update but if you had tagged along
on our adventures you would have realized how much it rizzocked.
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oh stop your crying you could be happy

A - Age you got your first kiss: 10? i think.
B - Band listening to right now: Sublime
C - Crush: do i really even have to say it anymore? i think everybody knows.
D - Dad's name: james
E - Easiest person to talk to: linzy, laura, gregg, elana, becca, dana etc.
F - Favorite bands at the moment: piebald &sublime
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms: gummy worms
I - Instruments: piano
K - Kids: they suck
L - Longest ride ever: 13 hours to somewhere in canada like 4 years ago..
M - Moms name: mary
N - Nicknames: brincess, DH., dollheart,brit brat, britterbratter [oh gosh i love molly.]
O - One wish: i could be really tan because im not?
P - Phobia[s]: being burried alive.
Q - Quote: "All your life you think your going somewhere, and then you die."-Bruce.. oh man that was hilarious.
R - Reason to smile: you.
S - Song you last sang to: 40 0z to freedom
T - Time you woke up: not sure like 10?
U - Unknown fact about me: i can fly.
V - Vegetable you hate: i dont know.. i dont really hate that many vegetables.. i cant think of any i hate right now.
W - Worst habit(s): biting my nails, getting to attatched
X - X-rays you've had: my arm.. foot.. .. i had this brain exray thingy when they thought i had a concussion that 1 time.
Z - Zodiac sign: libra

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I've been locked inside your Heart-Shaped box for a week

fill this out with the satisfaction
of knowing that im happy
someone filled it out
this can be anonymous

1. OPTIONAL who are you?
2. are we friends?
3. where did we meet?
4. how well do we know each other?
5. do you think im pretty?
6. what do you like most about me?
7. what do you like least about me?
8. what do you think my weakness is?
9. what are my best physical features?
10. what are my worst physical features?
11. what color reminds you of me and why?
12. what shape?
13. what song?
14. what generally reminds you of me?
15. how often do you think about me?
yeah i couldnt think of anymore questions soo this is it
please everyone fill this out, i mean EVERYONE.
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yo estoy azul from a.m. to f.m. - wise words of dane dane

i felt like updating.
so today was good
gym we did the long jump
i got 12.6? yeah
science i left &went
to the nurse
elana went home sick aw.
english i skipped with linzy
science a.i.s. w/john &kaitlin
math was lame
global watched a movie
art boring.
spanish was okay
&then dana &i scampered down the hallway
talking about random nonsense which actually
cheered me up.
then jarrett drove me home.
we took a long drive around slingerlands
and discussed whats going on
with me latley.. yeah..
he's a good person to talk to
gonna go see if gregg is around
i miss him.
<3 kbye.

kso i went to greggs house
&we hung out
&we were talknig about situations
that are going on in my life
it was a good talk
i love him so much
oh and i found out that his mom
thinks that we might be going out
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. god i love gregg
he totally made my day 3843298 times better.
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