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Excuse me while I flail in a fangirly fashion

You have been warned >:3

I don't really know what to put here...I'm just a girl who lives in her own little world. I'm a die-hard anime fan(FMA! forever!) and I love music. I'm also a Kingdom Hearts fanatic, and it shows. I go though "obsession waves" so don't be surprised if I go from obsesing over one thing and then suddenly switch to another, that's normal. I love cosplaying (though I'm not to good at it)or any other excuse to play the part of someone else. I love writing as well, I don't usually share my work with others (exept some close friends) but I write almost every day. So yea, make sure you post if you want to friend me, becasue I'd like to know who reads this ^_^UUU

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akuroku is love.

Have You Taken the Oath?

my pet!

my pet!

by __lost_x3

♥: albel

NarutoFever.com Love Compatibility Test

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FMA is colorful love.
Created by spongy_anime

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The young Elric brothers are future sinners love.
Created by spongy_anime

made by spongy_anime

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Throwing your duel disk like a frizbee is OH SHIT I BROKE IT! love.
Created by spongy_graphics