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More Music (Semi-Targeted Post)

rev_e's recent request for new music -- particularly gritty new music -- has been puttering around in the back of my mind, so i thought i'd take a little time to share this one.

My brother M recently introduced me to the album Colors by the group Between The Buried And Me. Despite needing to take a couple of listens before i fully acclimated to it, the album has actually turned out to be something of an earworm (and believe me, it's is not due some kind of irresistible pop sensibility). This group's actually one of the most interesting i've heard in awhile because of how precisely they combine a particular set of styles.

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I don't believe that anything short of hearing this album at least twice in its entirety can truly get its value across, but the opening two-track suite (via an interesting fan video) might lend a clue of what one is in for. (Oh, and break out the headphones or a quality sound system for that link, because computer speakers will not allow you to fully appreciate what's going on here.) I think anyone with a fairly open musical mind may want to check this album out, especially those that enjoy extremely tight performance ability, complex phrasal structures, careful production, and/or sheer unadulterated speed.

  • rev_e: This wont be your new favorite band or anything, but i believe your life will be richer for having heard it, and you might find a few tidbits you really like.
  • mrgeddylee: I plan to buy this record and will gladly lend it to you if you think you'd give it those couple of listens, because it might really impress you.
  • jeff_elbel: If you haven't heard these guys yet, you should at least know they're out there.
  • multiplexer: Ditto.
  • ... and this is by no means a complete list; there are at least half a dozen others on my flist who might dig this.

Thanks to M for putting me hip to this unique album. I'm looking forward to checking out more.

More info: betweentheburiedandme.com