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Response From MTA

I apologize for the long lapse in posting this; it should have been done some time ago.

Back in January, i shared with you a correspondence sent to Ralign Wells, Administrator of the Maryland Transit Authority. Mr. Wells not only got back to me within a week of my email, but he invited me to speak with him live over the phone. He explained that he felt i'd taken the time to really think through the issues, and that he also wanted to take some time to properly address my concerns.

It took a little time for our schedules to line up, but Mr. Wells and i finally spoke at length and had a great conversation. He agreed with my general views about the challenges that mass transit faces, and also addressed my concern about early departures in detail.

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Overall, i respect Mr. Wells' explanation very much, and even moreso, i appreciate the dedication to service that was exemplified in the time he took out of a busy schedule to speak with me. He encouraged me to keep in touch, explaining that having dedicated riders acting as additional eyes and ears is of value to him. He also provided additional direct contact information should i wish to follow up with him. I, in turn, offered to provide feedback -- both as a rider and as a systems engineer -- on emerging service updates and new technologies such as the one currently being explored. I do, in fact, intend to keep in touch with Mr. Wells as things progress, regarding both changes at MTA and pursuits i'm making within my company to advocate greater use of mass transit.

Again, i apologize for taking so long to follow up here, but i did want to make sure it was reported that i not only received a response from Mr. Wells, but that it was an overwhelmingly positive one at that.