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Reminder: Awesome Creative Work

I'm finding out that not everyone caught my last post on this, so i'm re-posting it.


(...or go create your own version by adding other artists' works, changing cover art, or writing your own introduction.)

It's 11 of merriehaskell's short stories assembled in one handy-dandy volume. It supports the author, as well as a cool website where many authors can showcase and sell their work. It gives you a chance to say you had a copy before she got world famous.

I made it, i bought it, i read it, i loved it. It was something like $20 with shipping included.

So yeah, point made. Go do the thing.

-=ETA=-: ... and while i'm plugging awesome indy art, i should mention that i just bought this. (Two copies, of course.)


Go Buy Fiction!

How can you get some cool short stories, support (like with actual money!) a dedicated freelance artist (not me), and check out the creative work of one of my long-time friends, all in one fell swoop?

Go buy this book.

9 short stories by merriehaskell, 216 pages, delivered to your door for less than $20. Cake.

(Sorry i've been posting so much, but this was important! Also apologies to merriehaskell if my quick-n-dirty cover selection and intro don't do her work justice. However, the site will let you copy the anthology, change the cover/intro and even collection as you please, and make your own! Pretty neat, huh?)

Anyways, go share the love. It's the holidays 'n' stuff.