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On Election Eve

I wanted to take a brief moment to share some thoughts on this, the night before the big day everyone seems to be thinking about. Particularly in relation to the national-scale elections, i want to emphasize my hope that, as of now, we have already made progress, that perhaps Collapse )

...i want to do this so that people might perhaps stop thinking that they need to choose the winning side to change the world, because it is in not creating sides at all that we will make the world a better place.

I am not a conspiracy theorist or an anarchist, but i am a cynic. As such, i really don't care who you vote for tomorrow, and on the national level i honestly don't even care all that much if you vote at all. What i care about are the things that we're doing, however small, every day -- not just once every one or two or four Novembers -- to bring about the change that our communities, country and planet so desperately need.

This is why tomorrow's big outcome is not so critical to me, despite what remains of my idealistic hope that maybe it could have some broad positive impact. This is why i want to encourage us all to look at the discourse and activism and motivation that the election has brought about, and think of that as the outcome. If we do not, we risk losing the little bit of real progress that we can count on having made, the part that could grow not over four years but over forty into something truly meaningful.

So on the "big day", go ahead and enjoy the fun, experience the exhilaration, rally at the sport, but please do not lose sight of the reality: regardless of what happens, the challenge of tomorrow will be establishing our lasting realization that the real campaign -- the one for ourselves -- has only just begun.