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Ann Arbor's "Drinking Problem": A Possible Diagnosis

I'm writing a rare public post in the hopes that it might get some attention from the larger audience of folks interested in analyzing and shaping the downtown and campus areas of Ann Arbor. At the very least, it might kick off some discussions about the nature of the issues at hand.

My post is inspired by a recent article pertaining to the controversy surrounding The Arena (a local sports bar) and the recently-formed grant-supported organization, "Ann Arbor Campus-Community Conversations" (A2C3). The article outlines some of the concerns that the University and City have about "excessive drinking" on and around campus, and about some of the initiatives -- both reasonable and questionable -- that may be afoot to address them. The article also quoted some related material from the popular website Ann Arbor Is Overrated (but failed to provide a link or URL), which seeks to humorously dispel oft-prevailing hype about the town, and light-heartedly raise awareness about some of its less-publicized shortcomings.

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Until then, everyone. Please link, discuss, and spread the word. I do, on my good days, still believe we can make a difference.