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Snippet Of Social Philosophy

I started to comment on a post by lisajulie, but realized it captured enough of my views on society that it might be worth posting. (It also gets me around a comment length limitation, but that's an unintentional side bonus. Honest!)

lisajulie writes:

How can I can live in my lifestyle, knowing that is built upon the labor (underpaid and so on) of others.

How moral is this? I don't have an answer.

My original reply:

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(Sidenote: I was a little reluctant to make this a public post, given how much it might reveal (or accidentally mis-represent by incompleteness or misunderstanding) my personal views of the world, but i decided i'd take a chance. Here's hopin'...)



Here's a sketch of an idea for a relatively simple, executable path to a much happier life:

1) Carry some device all day long that you can set to alert you at regular customized time intervals.

2) Set your time interval so that the alert goes off every 4 hours.

3) Every time it goes off, think upon something for which you are sincerely and especially grateful just then, and acknowledge your gratitude for a moment. (Try to think of a new one each time, if you can, but don't stress it if you have repeats.)

4) Do this every day until you feel like it's pretty easy to do... and then cut your time interval in half.

5) Repeat forward from Step 3 until your time interval is short enough that you no longer need the alert.

Refine and pass along as you will.