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Reminder: Awesome Creative Work

I'm finding out that not everyone caught my last post on this, so i'm re-posting it.


(...or go create your own version by adding other artists' works, changing cover art, or writing your own introduction.)

It's 11 of merriehaskell's short stories assembled in one handy-dandy volume. It supports the author, as well as a cool website where many authors can showcase and sell their work. It gives you a chance to say you had a copy before she got world famous.

I made it, i bought it, i read it, i loved it. It was something like $20 with shipping included.

So yeah, point made. Go do the thing.

-=ETA=-: ... and while i'm plugging awesome indy art, i should mention that i just bought this. (Two copies, of course.)


I'd Smile And Say You Were A Friend Of Mine

In the unrelenting mania of life, i missed an incredibly sad piece of news earlier this month...

Eric Woolfson
1945 – 2009

The New York Times Obit can't capture the breadth of this man's work, nor can any words i write fully express the musical influence that it had on me. As the "other half" of The Alan Parsons Project, Woolfson's heartfelt songwriting and business savvy perfectly complemented Parsons' arranging and production genius. Though he never considered himself a vocalist, his voice leads some of the group's most acclaimed tunes.

The Project was one of the first bands i was seriously into, hallmarking what i'd consider the beginning of my self-realizations about the depth of my love of music. Their work was rock-centric, but freely explored adjacent styles, focused on creative production, and brought diverse elements into their orchestrations such as large classical arrangements, vocal ensembles, and the ever-emerging synthesized sounds of the era. The project had no fixed lineup, but was formed around the two-man nucleus, with a family of performers moving in and out for various productions, some short-term guests, some veterans.

Sound familiar?

After ten groundbreaking albums with the Project and a prolific solo career -- seemingly always happy to peek out from halfway behind the stage curtain -- Eric left us in the early hours of 02 December (coincidentally on the anniversary of another major loss in my life, perhaps even to the hour).

He also left us a hell of a legacy. As is reportedly said of The Velvet Underground, relatively few people listened to The Alan Parsons Project, but i'll bet most of them started bands.

Please include me in that count.

Thanks, Eric.


Behold: StickFest!

In further deferrence of content, I'm trying to spread the word about this on behalf of my good pal Oz, owner of our burg's last friendly neighborhood music store, and performer extraordinaire on many instruments including the Chapman Stick.

[big Stick Festival promo image]

If you're a music geek, a musician into fretted instruments, or just want to see something frickin' amazing, go to this.

While the Festival's gotten some press, Oz was telling me that almost no one yet knows about this killer show the next day:

Stick Creator Emmett Chapman

Live at the Ark
Sunday 16 July, 1pm

And if you want to really fill out a Musical Weekend of Doom, you could always squeeze in a swingthrough of our July 15th show, running right off the tail end of the StickFest... :)

Do spread the word. (It's even a public post, so link away!) Thankee.