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The Return of Joe's Irreverent Kitchen: Deep-Fried Bananas

Continuing the Often-Relenting Pursuit of Largely Uneducated and Utterly Reckless Cuisine

I don't usually write public posts, but given the regrettably depopulated state of LJ these days, i figured doing so would allow me to link to this content from that silly new website that everyone seems to prefer these days. (What's it called again? ... something that apropos-ly starts with an "F"?)

Anyways, this story starts with a lot of bananas. ... well, maybe not a lot by most standards, but more than one person can expect to eat before they go bad without consequences.

A couple of weeks ago, i found myself alone in my house for a week with over a dozen bananas that were already ripe. I like bananas, but i wasn't quite sure if endeavoring to take them down alone and raw was wise. Over the week, as they slowly went from yellow to speckled to patched and streaked, i pondered my options. There was always bananabread, of course, which one can make in vast quantities and then freeze. There was also the option to just freeze the bananas themselves, of course, allowing them to be then turned in bananabread at some later point. Either of these was doable, but neither really grabbed me. The former seemed more like a chore, and the latter like a cop-out.

Then, as the week drew to a close and the lifeclock of these bananas was nearing its last red tick, i decided to do the only respectable thing: i deep-fried them.

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So there you have it, more adventures in having only a faint idea what i'm doing in the kitchen and being totally okay with it.

... and i got rid of pretty much all of the bananas.


Snippet Of Social Philosophy

I started to comment on a post by lisajulie, but realized it captured enough of my views on society that it might be worth posting. (It also gets me around a comment length limitation, but that's an unintentional side bonus. Honest!)

lisajulie writes:

How can I can live in my lifestyle, knowing that is built upon the labor (underpaid and so on) of others.

How moral is this? I don't have an answer.

My original reply:

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(Sidenote: I was a little reluctant to make this a public post, given how much it might reveal (or accidentally mis-represent by incompleteness or misunderstanding) my personal views of the world, but i decided i'd take a chance. Here's hopin'...)