The "Real" Earthshine (_earthshine_) wrote,
The "Real" Earthshine

Cheap 4WD Wheels For Sale!

This is a public post -- feel free to spread the word.

1995 Jeep Cherokee Country

  • ~200K miles
  • working 4-wheel-drive
  • inline V6 engine, 4.0 liters
  • 20.5 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • working A/C, cruise control, AM/FM/cassette, power windows/locks
  • light tan in color
  • towing package and luggage rack (no winch or snow plow)
  • never been in an accident

Runs just great, _but_ will need some TLC:
  • serious body rust, incl. large hole in passenger footwell (under carpet) and some other holes in body
  • engine showing signs of age, including multiple small leaks

Asking ~$1500.

We believe there's some life left in her, but we're moving and can't bring her. Great for someone who needs affordable all-season wheels in Michigan.

Email if interested.

-=ETA=-: We did sell the Jeep in early August. Thanks, everyone!

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