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Behold: StickFest!

In further deferrence of content, I'm trying to spread the word about this on behalf of my good pal Oz, owner of our burg's last friendly neighborhood music store, and performer extraordinaire on many instruments including the Chapman Stick.

[big Stick Festival promo image]

If you're a music geek, a musician into fretted instruments, or just want to see something frickin' amazing, go to this.

While the Festival's gotten some press, Oz was telling me that almost no one yet knows about this killer show the next day:

Stick Creator Emmett Chapman

Live at the Ark
Sunday 16 July, 1pm

And if you want to really fill out a Musical Weekend of Doom, you could always squeeze in a swingthrough of our July 15th show, running right off the tail end of the StickFest... :)

Do spread the word. (It's even a public post, so link away!) Thankee.

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