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Earth versus Soup


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Unintentional Threadsecutioner
Hello there. I'm an Alaskan woman, born and raised. No, we don't live igloos or have to eat our sled dogs when the hunt goes poorly. Contrary to what the world must think of us after Sarah Palin and brood, Ted Stevens, and Joe Miller, we are not all drooling idiots. Yes, it's cold here, but it's nothing like the movies show. If you want to see a movie that accurately portrays what Alaska was like during the gold rush era, see Charlie Chaplin's silent film "Gold Rush". As for an accurate modern portrayal? Oddly enough your best bet would probably be The Simpsons Movie. For a live action portrayal, The Red Green Show (which was set and produced in Canada) is about as close as it gets.

I quilt even though I'm not very good at it. I also do a lot of crafting and make tons of different kinds of art. I post stuff I've recently made from time to time; I hope that you'll check it out sometime. Feel free to leave constructive criticism even if you don't like what I made.

I play lots of video games, like watching horror movies and foriegn films, and I read comics and watch cartoons.

I have poor spelling and grammar, please don't bother whining about it. I know already. The Typo Fairy frequently bestows her gifts on me, it happens.

I like women and men, but I don't like the term "bisexual" because there's so much stigma attatched to it, and it implies that I'm attracted to both sexes equally. Physically speaking it's about a 97% to 3% ratio, whereas emotionally/compatability wise it's more like 30% to 70%. That doesn't make things easy. I'm FAR more attracted to women physically, but I like guys emotionally and in terms of common interests. I prefer to think of myself as an "equal-opportunity lover." I'm far more interested in who you are than in what your genitalia happens to be, I just find that ladies are attractive and guys are easy to get along with.

If you are wondering, yes, I got my name from MST3K. SOUP WINS!!

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