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yeah yeah i'm updating. so its almost 10:00 and i am sitting at my bitch ass computer, updating my livejournal. when i should really be doing home work such as:
> writing a 5 paragraph gepgraphy paper on genocide in darfur (this was my choice)
> reading 4 chapeters of "To Kill a Mockingbird" in which i find myslef reading the same paragraph on page 6 over and over again.
> writing my second draft of my research paper on "The legalization of Marijuana" fun stuff. *~hugs not drugs, kiddies~*

well i think yesterday was probably one of the worst days this year. its really hard when you rarely get made fun of, but then all the sudden the school newspaper comes out with your "Bachelorette(sp?) of the Month" article by Korina Henry (soon to be editor) and it has false information in this article. and then i get comments flying everywhere and i have no control over it!
NOTE: most of thoes answers were said by me to korina were "no, j/k dont put that on there" and stuff like that.
anyway, the morale of the story is, i was very upset by this. so if you wouldnt mind, never bring this to my attention in the future(sp?).

last night at the banquest i recived the award for "best freshman marcher" which i was quite proud of. i also got my letter. well since i feel like crap and i have alot of homework to catch up on, i may as well do what i intended to do by skipping school.
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