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hey guys. i am updating from my dad's friend's house in Long Island, New York. ok so heres what happend so far...

>leave Michigan
>drive to KOA campground in ohio
>run with dad

>Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (THE GREATEST PLACE EVER!)
ok so the RRHOF was awesome. i think most of you people would go crazy if you were there. it was so freakin' cool you dont even know.
>drive 6 hours to Hershey Penn.

>Tour the Hershey Factory
well it wasnt the REAL factory but it was like a ride kinda like "its a small world" in disney. and it just explained the prosess of Choclate i guess. it was cool though, we bought alot of choclate.
>Shop in some place called Landcaster.
All i got was three pair of panites and an Arizona Diamond Backs little boys tee shirt from the Good will (2.00$!!) then we went to this store and they had all these shirts that said "i<3Intercourse" on them. then we relized that "Intercourse" was a city in Pennsylvaina(sp?). so we almost bought a deck of cards that said "i <3 Intercourse" but my parents thought it was too racy or something.
>met up with Al Becker (my dad's NYPD friend who was on vacation there in Penn.)
>swam at their hotel

Tuesday- (today)
> meet up with Al and drive four hours to their house in New York.

ok so now it starts to get good. ok so at first the policemen wouldnt let our friggin' camper into New York. so Al got a Police Escort for us. then we drove through the City. and i am talkin downtown new york. like Manhatan(sp?). ok so heres the big one.
so we were making a wide right hand turn onto a two lane road. then some guy tries to get through and beat us. we he ended up side-swiping us. so we now have a HUGE dent/scrape in the side of our RENTED RV. so i think our insurance is gunna cover it but we have to pay like 1,500$. and it wasnt even our fault. so on the brighter side, New York is AMAZING. its so confusing though. we were gunna go to a broadway play called lengaary green or somehting like that but we arent now because we dont have time or something. well i'm off! i will try to give some of you a call if i can.
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