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Hi, I'm Katy and i am an alcholic...

today i had my first sectional. that was pretty fun. i am already likeing my section better than last year.

When i got home i went to Brooke's and Allison and Christena were there. we ended up watching a movie called "Sleepover" and it sucked ass. it was terrible. Then on our way back to our house, Allison starts to free-style rap so Christena and I start beat-boxing (wich was quite good actually). so we were jammin' all the way back to our house. When i got home i went downstairs to get on the computer and i saw my parents were watching TV downstairs. So when Allison came down I started to beat-box and then she started rapping. my parents were like rolling over laughing. My dad was like on the floor. it was quite amusing.

Then Allison, Christena and I all danced to...
> The Hustle
> Loose Yourself- Eminem
> The Numa Numa Song
> Tootsie Roll
> Whomp there it is

and thats all i can remember. but it was the most fun i have had in a while.

i need to clear some things up with some people before i go on vacation. so that means i have one day. i hope everyone has fun up north! see ya all at pre-camp! ;)
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