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i had fun today! spencers was cool. that movie CONFUSED ME!!!!!!! spencer, we haveta watch that forwards insted of the real way! lol i promise i wont ask a million and five questions. lol sry about that. so allisons back and eric and karolyn are leaving! losers! eric, have fun with thoes topless chicks in the caribeian! and i totally spelled caribiean wrong. who cares fuck it! OMG i found this band! well i didnt really find them, i already knew who they were. but i started paying attention to them and i love them. Spill Canvas y'all! lol i feel so bad for shelby. awww i love her! whoo! Adrianes (yeah spelled that wrong too) open house tomarrow! cant wait! i hope you feel better Eric! *elbows your side* lol we're TWINS now! lol
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