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to day was a dayna-tastic day!

when i went to summer band dayna and i cut and hung in the bathroom and then went to our balcony "houses" on the stage. we stold this big huge paper thing. its hard to explain but it has to with language arts...

then i came home and cleaned and then went to panera bread with my mom. then to wal*mart and then my mom droped me off at dayna's like at 6:30.

wow good times...
we were cleaning her room and i put on the beatles and i put on a show. just ask dayna...i am a good beatles impersonator.... god it felt good to be a loser... what am i saying.. IM ALLWAYS A LOSER!!! but dayna brings out the dorkiest side of me. lol REWIND!!!!

then we played mario kart and that was intristing... for all you gamers out there.. you will be very disapointed in me. so we were racing and all the sudden i was like "Dayna are you making me do this? because i am not controling it that way!" and "why do you keep falling in the water? are you letting me win?" and "oh look whos beating your ass now!!!? look whos gunna win!" and then when i supposedly won i was rubbing it in dayna's face and she just starts laughing really really hard...and i was like "what?" and she goes "you were looking at MY screen! you arent first player!" yeah i am a dumbass what can i say?

then we played jepordy and playdough and then other people came over. when i took bryan home we jammed to "Holla Back Girl" and it was awesome.

i <3 you Daddy Long Legs!
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