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i think the sky is falling! katy is actually updating her journal!

ok anyway i am so emo right now. but i hope i can make chages next year. not huge earth-shattering ones but small ones within myself. i wish not to be so moody and standoffish. i wish to be more comfortable with myself and my body. i wish to let people in and not be so afraid that they will leave or fade away. i wish that people with get to know the REAL me. i mean no body really knows the REAL me. except Allison really. i mean does anyone know that i absolutely LIVE off of books. last night i read a whole book while lying in my bed. thats two books in 3 days. no one knows that i am a pretty decent writer and i keep a journal. no one knows that i secretly like cold overcast weather over bright sunny days. but that depends on my mood. most people dont even know that i pull a 3.967. i feel sorta out of it this past month. and annother thing that buggs me is ya know everyones like "oh katy your so pretty!" "your soo funny" "la te dah blah blah" dont get me wrong compliments are fine. but it makes me wonder " then why isnt anyone intrested in me?" i'm talkin boys here. i mean the only ones who show intrist are weirdo people who want me to hug them all the time and poke me in my stomach thinking it turns me on or whatever. yeah thats one of my biggest pet peeves, that stomache poking thing isnt gettin you anywhere so cut it. but sometimes i wonder if its my red hair and freckles. i mean i know that sounds dumb but i am serious! i hear the phrases "you screw blondes and date brunetts" wheres the red-head in all that. i tell ya i am bein discriminated against! i dont know fuck that shit! lol i'm done. happy new year
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Hokay everyone! i got a Myspace, so if you wanna check it out go here www.myspace.com/_Eager_eyes and of you are not my friend on myspace, add me! have fun kids!
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yeah yeah i'm updating. so its almost 10:00 and i am sitting at my bitch ass computer, updating my livejournal. when i should really be doing home work such as:
> writing a 5 paragraph gepgraphy paper on genocide in darfur (this was my choice)
> reading 4 chapeters of "To Kill a Mockingbird" in which i find myslef reading the same paragraph on page 6 over and over again.
> writing my second draft of my research paper on "The legalization of Marijuana" fun stuff. *~hugs not drugs, kiddies~*

well i think yesterday was probably one of the worst days this year. its really hard when you rarely get made fun of, but then all the sudden the school newspaper comes out with your "Bachelorette(sp?) of the Month" article by Korina Henry (soon to be editor) and it has false information in this article. and then i get comments flying everywhere and i have no control over it!
NOTE: most of thoes answers were said by me to korina were "no, j/k dont put that on there" and stuff like that.
anyway, the morale of the story is, i was very upset by this. so if you wouldnt mind, never bring this to my attention in the future(sp?).

last night at the banquest i recived the award for "best freshman marcher" which i was quite proud of. i also got my letter. well since i feel like crap and i have alot of homework to catch up on, i may as well do what i intended to do by skipping school.
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if i could un-do the things i did, i would. i promise. hurting you was not intentional...

maybe i should have said that to your face...
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The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is, and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only know
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose--
But were always a rose.

my analysis...
well like people label things. like how a rose is a rose. so it is origionally a rose. but now the apple and the pear and the plum are "roses" also. but when it says that you were allways a rose means like you arent a label, you are just you.
see it as, like you are gunieinly (sp) a rose.
like you didnt have to try to be something your not
like if you are plum you are a plum and be happy with that
thats how i see it anyway...

......let what will be, be...
...ahh if it were only that easy.....
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i dont mean to be so negative. but today SUCKED! i hate all my teachers. i mean high school is ok, but my classes and teachers suck. marching band was just a pice of shit today. i am so frusterated with alot of people. sometimes i wanna throw my insturment down and be like "i quit this load of shit!". but i am too sain for that i guess. it is tempting sometimes though. i guess its just one of thoes days, ya know?
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Hi, I'm Katy and i am an alcholic...

today i had my first sectional. that was pretty fun. i am already likeing my section better than last year.

When i got home i went to Brooke's and Allison and Christena were there. we ended up watching a movie called "Sleepover" and it sucked ass. it was terrible. Then on our way back to our house, Allison starts to free-style rap so Christena and I start beat-boxing (wich was quite good actually). so we were jammin' all the way back to our house. When i got home i went downstairs to get on the computer and i saw my parents were watching TV downstairs. So when Allison came down I started to beat-box and then she started rapping. my parents were like rolling over laughing. My dad was like on the floor. it was quite amusing.

Then Allison, Christena and I all danced to...
> The Hustle
> Loose Yourself- Eminem
> The Numa Numa Song
> Tootsie Roll
> Whomp there it is

and thats all i can remember. but it was the most fun i have had in a while.

i need to clear some things up with some people before i go on vacation. so that means i have one day. i hope everyone has fun up north! see ya all at pre-camp! ;)
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i woke up today at like 6:30 and i couldnt fall asleep at all! this is a big difference between waking up at 12:00 every morning. now all i wanna do is sleep but i cant go back to sleep. i hate this...

i wanna change my AIM name. but like allways i have no clue what to change it to. please give me suggestions if you can!
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