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still lost
30 April
&, (3am.) midnight and allitspromises, 11:11, a good book, angel, anime, anita blake, anita blake (jason&rafael), art (picturespaintingsdrawings), beauty & the beast, being-a-jumble-of-ideas, between me and you, blurring the truth, breathing love, buffy, candlelight, chuck palahniuk, cloudpictures, doodling, edgar allen poe, emptystreets, final fantasy, fireside, flutter of sable eyelashes, friends, holding hands, into the rose garden, karate, layingonthetrampoline, linkin park, listening to your voice, live laugh love, maya angelou, metallica, midnight rain, newly-cut-grass, nightlyfog, nighttime, nighttime drives, painting sunsets(burning red), paperjournals, paperroses, playing with memories, puddles(in) cobblestone, puppies (my two labradors), raining stars, rainydays, sandonbarefeet, sandra cisneros, scribblesinnotebooks, secrets in your(my)heart, shakespeare, snow (beautiful and cold), spring, staying up all night, stonestars-and-sunnywaves, story of the year, sylvia plath, takingpictures, thepoetryofmusic, thewrittenword, times long past, troubled skies, vampires, walkathousandmiles, watching airplanes, watching your eyes, whispering your name, william blake, writing, yesterday, your laughsmilestearsfears (eyes)