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When writing of creatures not like ourselves, does it breach belief to have them nod, shake heads, shrug, or otherwise communicate by other means than words but in ways that are familiar to ourselves? In one sense, it does weaken the "unfamiliar sense" of those creatures, but on the other hand, not having those options makes it more difficult to show the opinions of the creatures (rather than saying something like, for instance, "X agreed").

And for Lhexa (and whoever else is interested). You wondered what an input-output matrix was, or didn't really understand my terminology just before I left.

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If any of this seems hard to understand or I skipped through it too fast, just ask. Or if any of you who are reading this know what input-output matrices are, and I portrayed them incorrectly, let me know.

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Lots of dreaming lately.. some of it would be good plots if I knew how to write, and some genuinely makes me think.

Hm, world/being decoherence.. What is my Great Universe?

{ Well, a Great Universe just [shows what is] very clearly - what I should ask is, what is a good world for me? }

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From another site:

The astute reader may be remembering about now that there are quite a few forward references in the book, things in the early chapters that don't make much sense except for how they relate to things that come later. I didn't go back and edit those in. Let me tell you it is really weird to read something you wrote yourself and find some unexpected symbol, metaphor, or reference like that which you didn't realize was there. Where did it come from?

Indeed. And it applies to all kinds of writing.

Ac hag ne tarnek Vasaiat sanisa

(First a note to Guilen; it has now been a month and a day since last.)

I've been referring to Vasai and "creatures" in my past posts, and because I'm trying to break restrictions I thought, why not show a description of them to the friends here? I trust you enough to disclose it anyhow.

So here goes.

Go ahead and comment on it if there's anything you wonder about or think is interesting. I have written additional document on particular aspects, so I may be able to give you additional information.

(Comment on it anyhow; I like comments. And ask me before you distribute it, if you do.)

In case you're curious, the first line refers to that I don't really know if they are fictional or not, Ataramos's "fiction tapping" idea notwithstanding, though I'm leaning towards that they're not fictional only.

(The subject line means, in that partially existing constructed language of mine, directly translated, "I have a text pertaining-to-Vasai seen", or more correctly "I see a document that describes Vasai". If you know IF, the brief style of that statement should be familiar to you. )