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If you had the portal gun from Portal, you could make a perpetual motion device. [The exercise is left to the reader. Use two of the four fundamental forces.]
By the same argument, if you had two or more sufficiently flexible stargates, you could make a perpetual motion device.

Since I can't be certain of my state at any day in the future, I should probably write as much as I can and not waste words.

Oh, and it seems that the name of the planet in Unreal is Gryphon. Or was, anyhow, in the beginning stages; in the end, RTNP must be considered canon, and since the player doesn't return to the sky city, Na Pali it is.

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I just found this on UnrealSP:

A one-level demo of the "Unreal on UT2004"[1] modification "Return to NyLeve" has been released. It is here.

*waves to Talec* :)

{EDIT: Added last sentence.}


[1] It's not exactly a port, as the storyline differs, but it's got some of the same locations.

Dream fragment thing

A thing I remembered a morning (yesterday, I think) was this curious shape[1]. It was embossed on a greyish coin of some sort (with writing in the spaces between the "arms"), though I don't think it was any form of money.
It was related, in an unclear way (I don't remember how) to someone called "Tarun" -- maybe he was the one holding the coin in question.

And now for something slightly different. I showed you (Talec and whoever else wanted to look :) ) a bridge earlier - but now it seems more varied screenshots are available. I like the icy morning and the building in particular.

I'm also trying to draw some architectural sketches of a CTC building (a "space", as they usually only had one) in computer form (I have them on paper, but only very rough drawings), though I don't have the best of tools.

[1] I didn't notice the symmetry at first, only scribbling it down to not forget, but it's filled with the 120 degrees rotational variant. And each of the line segments of the inner triangle is perpendicular to the lines of the "arm" it touches..

Mind, this is body; we have a problem.

I may be able to fix it if I start early though..

In other news, I got a new power supply unit for my computer; this one doesn't make as much noise as the other one. Actually, I ordered it a few weeks back, but the first one I got burned out after a few hours (due to a coil problem, I think).
Now the main unwanted sound comes from the graphics card, which has a fan of its own.

Not much else going on - my tinkering with the text mode thing I mentioned on Halenguide has kinda stopped.

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I also tried to find my first description of the CTC - some of the areas would, as Talec put it, make good Unreal levels, but I can't find it anywhere. I may just end up writing it again as it's very clear to my mind; even if I write in a rather "dry and academic" manner, it's better than nothing.

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Hooray for viruses. Or bacteria, or whatever. I should be getting better though.

I'm also thinking about that the feathers of which I took a few were neatly arranged below all the leaves.. weren't there something about a bird that did just that? Or were they left there by other people? Hm. I want to go back there and take a picture to show you, but see my first paragraph. (Hopefully, the feathers won't be gone before I can look at them again)

My cat sits outside the window, looking in, meowing occasionally, but she has the bad habit of waking me up at 5 am or so, and since she has no problem being outside, I'll wait. (She can get in in the morning -- or perhaps I should get a cat door so she wouldn't have to wake me up when she wants out?)

Not much else going on; I've taken a pause from the GA, as I was making many quick and dirty changes so it would be ready for another test run during the night, then going "[insert curse here]" when it failed to reach any new record (often getting stuck in some local maximum at around 10% (0.10) of max, simple DJN stuff) afterwards. There are about a million tweakable parameters and I have no idea how to chose them intelligently beyond "well, this ought not to crash and burn". Besides, there's a bug where it removes tests that do useful work (makes distinctions no others do) and thus the reaper should keeps its claws off them.

Maybe I'll use the time to play more Unreal single player modifications. Or tinker with its editor. Again, I don't know -- will the viruses let me have enough strength, for one?

And I'm thinking more of linguistic concepts.. and writing. Virtual subject, or whistling for long distance communication? Hm. I wonder if I've become any better at shaking my.. whatsitsname.. mechanistic way of writing - it'd hinder any attempt at stories or other sort of fiction (beyond "technical world building" like saying "This is a world with these features. On it are creatures that look like this and behave like that..").

Oh, and picture of the day - here's me rooting through a program (I believe the term for these things is ESD) to trick it from saying "Waaah! I will explode in 14 days unless you buy buy buy!". Do you know which program is helping me out here? I'll give you a cookie.

The Common Organization (or somesuch monolithic name)

Some of the entries of my friends are mildly confounding. They also remind me of the Red Queen effect, because for others not to forget, you have to post just as frequently.

One in particular also shows a particular conclusion regarding my alert program.

Feedback systems are interesting, but positive ones usually level off with some semi-arbitrary result as overload cannot be sustained. Sigmoid follows, or oscillation?

And here we have an example of self similarity. Is that a fractal?

The last few days I have been tinkering with UT2004's script language, and reading about socialism. More of its ideas, like an economy based on work time (really effort-time) is more understandable to me than earlier. I can't yet see how such an economy could be decentralized, though, and centralized solutions create the potential for corruption and usual state inertia. (And then there's the innovation problem. Kai gave what I call the "relaxing solution", but that doesn't work when the other nations are working much faster than you are)

For those who are curious, my main sources are the first part of this, and this.