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To position, one must have information.

Random question: is there any way to make LJ show entry post times in your own time zone, short of getting a dedicated client? Or for that matter, if the only way is by using a dedicated client, which clients support that?

And to keep up the randomness, the subject line reminds me that I should find a name for my "economical action" aesthetic idea, regarding actions that use just enough force - not too little, nor so much that the outcome is obvious and thus the application too brutish and unrefined. I could say "wei wu wei", but I know all too little about what that really is, and so I don't.

Also, I've been planning to say what I'm going to say next for a long time now, but I never got around to doing it. Since I've got nothing else to do right now (except some mail messages, perhaps), I'll go on. If you like cyberpunk, and particularly if you like things similar to System Shock, read Free Radical. It's good. Unlike a recent game that was "not like System Shock, but System Shock", this is "not System Shock, but like System Shock". That's in part because "shoot enemy, oh yeah!" makes for a good game but not a good story.

So, well... I guess this looks a bit like a "tying up the loose threads" entry, which it in a sense is.