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I'm a bit better here now, but I'm going to be more cautious and gradual -- I really don't want what happened to happen again.

On a completely different note: there may be less difference between the public bureaucratic organizations of a command economy and the private bureaucratic organizations of centralized so-called markets, than there is between bureaucratic organizations and Smithian yeoman capitalism.

State of things, contd: external, feline

My cat has some oddly colored "lumps" on her belly. She has had them for a while now, but I don't know how long, and she didn't seem affected by it.

Until about a month ago. Now she needs much more attention than before, or she'll start meowing in a way that's almost screeching (if you've had a cat with kittens and given the kittens away, the cat will meow for a few days afterwards; it's that kind of screech-meow). This, needless to say, is not much fun in the night.

(Now I don't know if these two things are related; she's getting old and maybe her mind isn't what it used to be. But the lumps are larger, so maybe - or maybe she knows something just isn't right and needs to be calmed. Too bad she cannot say much but meow.)

So we let the cat out in the late evenings. She responded by waking us up by scratching the door. If we let her in, she then starts meow-screeching again until someone pets or skritches her 'till contentment, and that lasts for a few hours. If we don't let her in, she just continues scratching.

To make it easier, we tried putting something in front of the door, but then she just sits outside and meows (not in a screeching manner, but enough to wake us up).


I like the cat, but now is not a time when I have energy in abundance, and I don't know the reason for the screeches. So it may come to the worst; only Tuesday will tell for sure.
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Yay virus on top of everything.

(Or something. Feels like that, though.)

(I suppose if I were more awake, I would say something about fighting an octopus here; at times you may be above water, but you should still rid yourself of it. But it doesn't fit exactly.)

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Bah, all at once. Now it's my ears too, though if there's a "good side" to this coin, it's that the other things aren't as pronounced as they were.

But so that my journal won't all be about one thing, I will meep randomly.