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tech contradiction

And now for something completely different, mk. IV

I don't like the mangling of language.

Don't call it "traveling salesperson problem", call it "traveling salesman problem".
Don't call it "blocklist", call it "blacklist".

What's next - "block hole"? You see, it blocks light from escaping!

(Wasn't that different indeed, and quite unexpected given what I've said earlier? Yes. But that's how the E-engine works.)

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Oh, and is this year "let's change everything that doesn't need to be changed" year or something? First the so-called Awesomebar of Mozilla. Then that ridiculous auto-resizing text box of gaim (excuse me, pidgin), which has lots of users actively complaining. Then the largest pizza place over here got this hypermodern "oh, look at all these shiny Aqua-ish buttons" minimalist setup, and then Slashdot (nested borders galore), and now Youtube.


Yeah, I know, the last one is minor (the design of the play button/etc.), but it's the straw.

So here are the rules of the curmudgeon:

First, keep it simple.
Second, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Third, don't surprise the users more than you have to.
Fourth, consensus is a really good idea when developing software.

(Gee, now I sound really conservative. It'll just have to be, though, because I do feel this.)

{EDIT: And now Google, too? Try searching for something like "information is classified" and it pops up with a big interruption in the middle of the search results. Did you mean information is classified without the quotes? We'll assume you did, so here are the results for that. Hey, don't go MS on me! If I use quotes, I mean quotes!)