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In the spirit of Schneier

The Doghouse, real life version:

Norwegian regional air control.

Alright, you've heard of metal detectors and screening, no? These are supposed to create a secure zone, that is, the aircraft and its surroundings. Now, if you have a breach of that secure zone (the bad guys can take guns onto the plane), your security is shot, game's over. So what does these geniuses figure out? Why, the system will be even more secure if you put a check on leaving the secure zone!

That's right, check-out screening. Let's just forget that in order for it to catch anything, you'll have to already have your guns or bombs on the airplane. And if you had, why didn't you use them? So it's just for show; the worst kind of security theater.

Not to mention that they check your shoes if you fail the metal detector test, because obviously shoe bombs are made of metal.