New visitors!

Hello there,

apparently there has been renewed interest in DW, at least from a certain group! Unfortunately, the real world has been too time-intensive and I have been too busy to write much of interest. Much of my time has been occupied by assignments (programming, stats, linear algebra, oh my), and I've used much of the time that was left to think about very special-purpose things that probably wouldn't be of much interest to others here (e.g. application of statistics to certain types of voting algorithm design).

So instead... let me just meep again. Hello everybody! I have some ideas of what I could write about, but I just haven't had the time yet. Because of that, it's probably easier for me to just encourage those who are reading this to start: ask me something or just meep back, and then I'll try to reply in turn :) Particularly those of you who may have started reading this recently, because I'm curious as to who you are.

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Meep - and pictures

I should probably write something here, given that it's been at least a month since I last did! But I've been so busy with schoolthings (and really specialized interests[1]) that I can't think of much to write here, so...

... have some pictures instead! Goldkin drew some expression ones of me: here, here, or on his Twitter page.

And since I finished a rather exhausting assignment a few days ago, I think I'll be mostly unproductive today and do little :) Although I often tend to do more than I intend to, even so...


EDIT: And Google glitches of the day. First, try to search for "windows 9" "windows 8" -"windows 95" (yep, with a minus). See if it excludes stuff that contains Windows 95. Nope, instead it highlights the term.
Second, try to exclude something that definitely shouldn't be in any page: "windows 9" "windows 8" -"-windows 95". No hits?


[1] Like finding out that the distribution of county and state populations in different places of the world is more likely to be Levy than Cauchy, more likely to be log-normal than uniform, and more likely to be log-gamma than log-normal. At least from the data I have acquired so far, if I'm not doing something wrong.

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