Suburban Heartache

17 March

My name is Kirsten. I go by many nick names including: Baby, Marshmellow and KittyK (don't ask). The wonderful day I entered the world was March 17, 1988. Yes, that means I'm sheventeen. WARNING! I rant. I rave. I sometimes post random things that amuse me at 4 am that don't make sense to anyone else sane. I'm mentally derranged at times. Don't like it? Then go to someone else's journal.


Um... The little anime that I can watch (because of resources), SPACED, Shaun of the Dead, horror movies in general, safety pins in my ears, movies your parents don't want you to see, coke, peeps, diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper, Harry Potter (got a problem with it? *threatens* ), manga!, Chobits, Ancient Egypt, The Tudor Family, Books, historical fiction, Tim Burton, The Rasmus, depressing songs, finding new bands, meeting new friends, being random, prochoice people, pro-gay people, anti-bush people, my black liquid eyeliner, jelly (NOT SEX) braclets, animals, sloths, and staying up late at night talking to friends.

Racism against whites (yes it does exist and no I'm not racist), racism in general, ignorant people who choice to stay ignorant, pEoPlE wHo TyPe LiEk ThIs, sTiCkY CaPs, the smell of nail polish remover, styrofoam, spiders, egotistical people, bright lights in my eyes, punker-than-thou-art type people, seeing ranover animals on the side of the road and homophobic people.

manimalogy for making me my first layout and giving me a push into the world of Lj layouts. ^__^ thanks, I own you big!

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"Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity."
- John Lennon

I change my mind

I'm sick of always waiting to see

what I am worth to you my love

Don't waste my time

with all these bedroom lies.

- "Slave" // Lola Ray

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