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I'm · just · this · guy...

... if I could get this 'modesty' thing down pat, I'd be perfect

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Come party this NYE - horror/gore/splatter/mayhem costumes encouraged!

Mention my name at the door for cheap entry.

Free entry for Drax/ex-Drax crew :) so come down after work, ya slackers!
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I really don't update LJ much these daze... Failbook has taken its place, I s'poze.

Still alive.

Still working.

Still Dunx.

Love to all!

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I might not believe in Christmas, but I believe in you.

Have a very special day whether it be with friends, family, or just your fantastic self.

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Sounds like a kid's storybook title...

Silly Dunx, slightly distracted while slowing for a red light, didn't hit the brake hard enough, hit a tow ball, light crunchy cosmetic denty badness, no damage to the HUGE 4WD, nice driver, gave me his card and advice on Googling for repair dudes, and on my way I went.

*sigh* It had to happen some day, I suppose.

* * *
Friday was work, and then off to Gulag, where I chatted and drank and chatted some more, then back to a mate's place where it was "Here's a new Monteiths brew - we've got a slab - want one?"... well, what's a man to do?

Home around 8 in the morning for a few hours sleep before work Sat nite, then home for more sleep.

Sunday was the little lady's birthday, so we went to Brighton for lunch and a walk on the beach, then back home for a relaxed evening rounded out with *censored*

Today, I drove her out to Avalon to go on a course in Sydney, so I've the house to myself for a few daze. So I went home and slept some more.

Time for a scotch and a feed, methinx.

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You're just across the room from me, but I've said it in person already. Teh interwebz makes it real! *hugz*
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Went out for dinner on the bosses tab - wonderful Chinese meal at the Bamboo Garden on Lt Bourke St (RECOMMEND! - great service, delicious food, find someone else to pay for you, and you're sweet!)

The new show's going great guns. I'm having a ball working my ASS off each night (and there's still enough left to get complimented on occasion...) and getting my share of the limelight. I'm exhausted each night, but at least I get to attend the door each night for a while to unwind and regain my breath rather than having to join in the clean-up straight away. Massive changes afoot in terms of staff training and up-skilling will be a challenge, but I'll do my best to try and keep up with the youngsters... (reaching for my Zimmer frame about now....)

Whenever I can dig up the remaining photos from Hawaii, I'll throw them onto Facebook.

I's in my jammies with a glass of cheap scotch. All is good with the world, and I'm anticipating great things from the LHC project. Or nothing. Either is something, relatively speaking.
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Welcome to Spring

or, for those hemispheroidically challenged, Fall well. Not Falwell. No, nay, never. Fall well.

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After the dramas unfolded getting home from Hawaii, I launched straight into rehearsals for Black Blood, our new show. I've had barely time to breathe.

Suffice to say, the new show is hard work, but, IMO, worth it - I get more stage time and a touch of dialogue this year! And the overall feedback thus far is very positive. The bosses are very happy with me, it seems.

(And I'm in the promo photos on our website - try and spot me!)

But I ache! From head to toe, I've had a hell of a work-out, and not a few bruises to boot. If I'm not fit by the end of this season, it'll not be for lack of effort. At present, I don't even have time for a meal-break in an average evening. Things will doubtless ease off as the season becomes more practiced, tho.

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Pancake pix

We're spending most of today blobbing in the hotel room.

Apart from popping out for an hour's massage this evening.

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