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couponing week 4

Couponing this week was still frustrating, but less so than last week. My information about what is sale at my local Kroger is always wrong now, so that really throws a wrench into things. I also discovered at the register today that Meijer now only doubles the first two manufacturers coupons, which really foiled my plan on scoring a lot of mustard and cream cheese.

1. Meijer had a sale today on corn, with 6/$1.00, for a price of $.16 a piece. This was a savings of 67%. No coupons were used for this, just a store sale advertised in the weekly ad. Just a reminder to always check those things as well as coupons. :)
2. Also at Meijer, I purchased 5 bottles of mustard (I don't like mustard but my mom does and it never expires, so I wanted to jump on the good deal)! This was one of the instances where I discovered I could only double 2 coupons. I used 5 manufacturers coupons from last week that gave me $.50/1 bottle (2 of these coupons doubled to $1/1 bottle). I paid $3.95 for 5 bottles, for a savings percentage of 62%. I did get frustrated though when I saw the same mustard for cheaper at Kroger... : (
3. I had a similar situation with Philadelphia cream cheese at Meijer. Used 5 manufacturers coupons for $.50/1, two of which doubled to $1/1, meaning I paid only $4.84/5 packages. Thankfully you can freeze cream cheese, so I won't be needing to purchase any for a long time! I scored a saving percentage of 58%.
4. Country Time Lemonade mix was the biggest score of the day! The large powder containers were on sale at Meijer for 1/$1.00 and I had a manufacturers coupon for $1/2. So, I purchased 2 and paid on $.50 each! This was a savings of 82%!!!!
5. I also purchased 4 lbs. of boneless skinless chicken breasts from Kroger for $9.34. It's so challenging to ever get coupons on meat or produce, so I always keep an eye out for prices in weekly advertisements. This was a savings of 40%, which isn't bad for meat!

I should also point out one good thing about shopping in Kentucky... no sales tax on food!!!

I still need to plan out my Walgreens trip for this week, that shall happen later today. :)
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Coupon updates for this week. Week 3.

This week was not as successful when it comes to couponing as I had hoped! Most of my information about what items were going to be on sale at various stores was incorrect, meaning I got a lot less then I was expecting.

1. I got a couple good deals from Walmart today. First, Bengay pain reliever was on sale for $4.27/tube and I had a $3.00 off manufacturers coupon on the purchase of one, meaning I paid only $1.24 for each tube for a savings of 70.26%. I also got some styling products from got2b, including dry shampoo and curling mousse. Both retailed for $3.94/bottle and I had a manufacturers coupon for $2.00 off each bottle. I paid only $3.88 for two, a 50.76% saving.

2. At Walgreens today, we were able to use $8 in register rewards that we had earned last week by purchasing Breathe Right strips. First, the store was having a sale on Revlon beauty tools at buy one get one 50% off. The best way to take advantage of these sales is to buy the cheapest items possible. I also had multiple coupons for $1.00 off the purchase of a single Revlon beauty tool. Therefore, I purchased a pumice stone (originally for $4.49) and paid $3.49 for a savings of only 22.27% and I also purchased a nail buffer (originally $3.49) for only $0.74 for a saving of 78.80%! The highlight, however, came from using the register rewards. Since these cannot be stacked with manufacturers or in-store coupons, we used them to buy items on sale that we need or did not have a coupon for. Therefore, we purchased Walgreens brand Pepto-Bismol (our bottle had recently busted in the medicine drawer and had to be thrown out). The medication retailed for $4.19 and by using $4 in RR, we paid on $0.19 + tax, for a saving of 95.47%! Additionally, we purchased 4 two-liters of soda (mostly Dr. Pepper, I think) at $1.00 a two liter and used our final $4.00 in RR, meaning these drinks were COMPLETELY FREE!

3. At Kroger, we scored a massive deal on Keebler cookies. The saving percentage was not fantastic, but we bought enough to last us for a few weeks I think. We purchased 8 boxes of cookies, retailing at a total of $24.34. Kroger had the cookies on sale for $2.00 each (putting our total at $16.00). Additionally, I had a $.50/2 manufacturers coupon which my store doubled to to $1.00/2, bringing our amount paid to $12.00 for 8 boxes, or $1.50/box. This was equal to approximately 50% savings, which wasn't as great as I was hoping.
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Coupon recap 1

Successful day of couponing today!

I managed to score the pet food deal I mentioned earlier (3.5 lb. for FREE thanks to mail-in rebate)!

1. 2 12.5 oz. bottles of Suave Professionals shampoo ($.50/bottle). From Meijer, store sale at 2/$3.00 + manufacturer's coupon for $1.00 off the purchase of two. This is equal to 74.5% savings!!
2. My weakest performance of the day was on Nexxus salon brand shampoo. From Meijer, store sale at BOGO 50% off + manufacturer's coupon for $3.00 off. Equal to a measly 34% savings.
3. 2 items of Revlon makeup (including Photo finish Primer and waterproof volumizing mascara). Walgreens sale of BOGO 50% + manufacturer's coupon for $2.00 off + $7.00 register rewards from previous purchase. Equal to 56% savings on the primer and 75% on the mascara. I could have done better if I didn't need/want the primer!

Total daily savings: $35.80!

Where did I get my manufacturer's coupons? From Sunday paper inserts!
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Public Couponing Post -- Pet food, free!

So I'm going to start using this journal to share couponing tricks and such, since this has become one of my new hobbies!

For pet owner's out there, we all want to feed our pets high quality food. I use to pay an absolute fortune for Science Diet food for my animals, and when money got tight, Carly had to move to the cheap stuff. However, there is a great deal out right now to get Hill's Ideal Balance cat and dog food ABSOLUTELY FREE (after mail in rebate and only up to $12.99). You just have to pay tax! I jumped on this deal earlier today.

Here are the links!
for doggies
for kitties

What do you guys think about me doing this deal sharing thing? Awesome or annoying?
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I'm a college graduate!

Summa cum laude with two BA's.

Yeah, I'm impressive!

I start my Masters in August and I'm pretty excited! :)
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I got the job at Macy's! Interview went great!

I'll be making my own schedule, as I am an on-call associate.

I'll be working in jewelry, handbags, intimates and shoes!

Yay. Starting at $8.00/hour isn't bad either!
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I wish I was more reliable with this journal. I've been here since this time in 2005 and I bet I haven't stayed active for more than two months at a time. It makes this whole thing seem kind of useless, actually. I just don't think about coming on here that often, and then I completely forget that I have a Livejournal at all. And suddenly, bam, I remember about this and feel terrible for never using it. I wanted to keep a fairly accurate account of my teenage years but that has obviously failed, seeing as how I am 20 and barely remember a thing about my life before age 18. Ah well, at least I can try and fix it now.

So here I am, hopefully trying to fix this dreadful trend of mine. But we will see how that goes.