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okay. greatest journal.
sort of lame.

add me back on here.

[ ]

last update.
i have moved on.
i'm not even going to read livejournals anymore.
i'm moving to greatestjournal.com.

so far, there aren't many ppl on there that i know.
so it's more for myself.
i don't mind either way.
just, i need change.
this is the end of my highschool journal.

and a new one starts.

driftsofaraway is done.

[ ]

i need a life outside of studio.
i cannot wait until wednesday night at 8.
bc after that time, studio work for this semester is over.
and i only have a presentation after.

man ohman.
i have A LOT more work to do.

Friday, December 16
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

will anyone actually go with with me?
like from roger williams? come to rwu if you dont, and we'll go together.
otherwise i can be a loner i guess.

studio. [ ]
[ mood | crappy, exhausted, sore, etc. ]

its 5:07 am and i am currently in my studio at school.
you think that's bad?
well, just you wait.

monday i was in here from 930 am until tuesday morning at 630, when i left to shower.
i only left during those hours to walk to the student union to get a meal and return right after.

tuesday i had writing at 8oclock, then i fell asleep from nine until 1130. i got lunch, went to classes until five. i, drudgingly went to the coheed n cambria show. i say "drudgingly" only bc i knew how much work i have to do. i left early, didnt even see coheed. but i saw dredge. who i love. amazing. i left early to arrive back at studio at 10, and stay here until 730 wednesday morning.
i had to tutor at 830. i slept for an hour afterwards, and matt made sure i woke up. i had to tutor agaaain from 12 to 2, came to studio at 2, and ive been here ever since. only to leave for a dinner break.

now it's 5:13 am.

i have finished my model completely :):):):)
i am very proud of it i have to say.
i have to draw a plan, two sections, two perspectives, and make my process board.
OH fuck. and a paragraph.
im going to finish this paper im writing by 6.
from 6 until 730 i will do the process board, plan, and sections.
after class i'll do the rest.

i cannot cannot cannot wait until studio ends tonight.
im going straight to my room and sleeping.
i can honestly say that i miss going to bed.

and oh my goodness, even more, i cannot wait until thanksgiving break.
MY GOD. the sleep will be amazing.

vanna. [ ]
[ mood | calm ]

pictures from last saturday and sunday shows are ready!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

but im considerate and put them behind a cutCollapse )

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