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Quite a strange one. And *AGAIN* it was about Neighbours!!!! what is it with the Australian soap and my dreams lately?

I dreamed Helen Daniels was not dead but dying. It was mixed with being back in my old highschool but with people from work being there, the managers from work for some reason runing the music department! Me and this guy (could have been philip or lou or somebody else from enighbours) were runing about trying to hide this money. Somebody was stealing hte money but we got it back. we hit it in this office in the music department and then took something else and the key to the office and hid this in another office, sort of a small room and locked that. The office had a sort of window ont eh door, and I was searching around for black tape or black plastic card or something to cover the window with so nobody could see in!

Philip tells me that Helen had had a stroke. I asked when she'd had a stroke before and aparently it was last week and that one had barely left her able to speak "The English Language" as he said, this one has made her pretty much brain dead and she was ont he way out. I felt really sad but strange that in my dream she was still alive wheras in the show (and real life) she'd died a few years back.

I go to the common room and see people I hadn't seen since sixth form but dont speak to them. i feel lke I've got nothing to say

I go to the music department ot see my old Piano teacher to see if I can resume lesons. The place is full and I feel sort of out of place gatecrashing a music lesson. This is when I find out hte place is full of the managers from work too working as assistants. I go to teh man and he remembers me. I ask if I can resume, he says yes but I'd have to pay because apparently I was the last student all those years back to receive free lessons and by leaving i'd forfitted those free lessons (this isnt true, afaiak they probaly still do free lessons). He asks where i've been. Instead of saying the truth and saying i'd left and gone to university i feel bad and am worried he thinks i'd been expelled or something and just say "it's a long story" he was like "oh, were you ill or something" and I was like "yes." I tell him that i'd speak to the head of music, no idea if the guy is still working there or not (in awake hindsight i'd forgotten the guy's acutally left."

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Very weird dream last night but I can only remember two parts that sort of link in.

Neighbours. I was in neighbours again, but this time as myself. I was in this dark field and it was pitched black. It was like my dad's allotments. I was there, behind this big field of crops. It was really, really dark and there was no streetlights which is weird. I think you could see the starts but I dont remember seeing them. I think there was some moonlight as you could vaguely see some things. I was near these woodern compost bins. I then saw this fox and I thought because we're in australia we have to shoot foxes. I had this like shotgun/riffle to shoot it with but I dont think I actually did. It was really dark and I couldnt see where to go, I needed to get back to Ramsey Street. but I didnt want to cross across the fieldy bit with the crops on incase I trampled the crops, I didnt know where to go.

Then these two children, not in the series itself, came along from the street to tell me how to get back. I dont remember their names, but they reminded me of really good well behaved children, something out of Enid Blyton, or Rosie and Jim, they helped me back.

S4CFor those who don't know what this is, in Wales they have a channel called S4C which replaced Channel 4 there showing a mixture of Welsh Spoken programmes as well as English spoken programmes from the normal Channel 4 of England/Scotland/Ireland. You can also get 'S4C Digidal' on Sky accross europe and Digital services in Wales, but this version is completely in Welsh as digital users in Wales can get the English Channel 4 so it doesnt need to show English programmes on Digital.

Anyway, I had a dream that I was watching this saop opera that is Australian on S4C but it was the sky Digital S4C *BUT* this was in English (well Australian). It was like the episode of Neighbours I was just in had gone from something I was in to being something I was watching and stopped being Neighbours but some Welsh Spoken Australian soap. So an Australian soap in Welsh. These two kids were watching it with me but also in it if that makes sense? However, I was watching it in English and I couldnt fiigure out why. I realised the it must be to do with the fact that Sky Digital carries multiple language soundtracks and we must have it set to English and it has both soundtracks. However it also has English subtitles on Teletext page 888 called Transl888, and I put this on but the language was all in welsh, like it was translating into Welsh. But it wasn't Pobol-Y-Cwm.

Anyway, Then the words came up and the words were all in Welsh too. I don't know Welsh so it was all very peculiar.

trains I was like ona train to manchester and my mum was there but it was sort of on a tunnel the whole way, sort of merged with the underground. Like I was getting an underground train all the way there. Other peopel were there too, it was very dark and scary.

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Weird dream night before last.

I was Karl Kennedy (from Neighbours) and Summer killed a baby thinking it was a doll (possibly Libbys) and I (Karl) had to help her from getting found out/taking the blame.

I was sort of lying on a veranda near a window with somebody else. Talking to summer. Summer was inside the window, sort of out of sight.. Summer threw the doll from the window right out over the veranda several feet down to the drop and then I was like "you shouldnt have done that". It was a thin Barbie/Sindy style of doll, then we realised it was a baby and the baby was killed by accident. It was like I had to cover up for her as Karl Kennedy.

I remember being really annoyed with Summer in the dream.

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Weird dreams over the last couple of days about mice. The house being full of mice everywhere, literally plagues and plauges of mice and nothing we can do. In last night's dream it was worse as as well as normalmice it was baby mice, really erally small ones, barely bigger than ands, millions and millions of them all over the carpet, so small so so, so, so many... It was really scary.

Also weird parts about being pack at school, about Max (our cat) and the war.... all very strange and I'll extrapolate on these tommorrow.

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Okay, like I had this funny dream that our cat, Max, was traded in for a newer model a few years ago. about five. The new cat was exactly the same, but they took max to our house in spain (we used to have one but in my dream we still ahve it ut it looks completely different) to keep it there. So like I go to spain and I havent been there for five years or so and max is there but he doesnt remember me and he bites or scratches me, tehn we make friends again. then we go home nad I take him with me but he doesnt get on with the other cat, they fight and everything. Then max and the other cat go to get food at the same time and fall into the big trough of neverending cat biscuits, well it's more like a bowel. anyway, they like fall in it.

Also I'm hoovering this strange room with this shit vacuum cleaner, theres so much dirt yon the floor and its not sucking up. my mums' there also cleaning. Miscilaneous people from work and #thehellmouth are there preasurising me to hurry up. I say I wish we had the Henry that my parents have, my mum says its at Vicarage Grove, the place she lived to until teh sixties as a child. I could drive the car there but I cant drive yet. and like I need somebdoy with me if I drive. i',m annoyed because I could be there and back in minutes if I could drive but I cant so I hvae to wait for my mum and dad to get together to take me or stuff.

A very long one!

I was in the Army. Fighting in the south of Iraq - but in this dream south meant northwest. I wasn't on any front line and didn't do anything signifficant. I was higher than a private and had control over a lot of people. I seemed to speand most of my time in this country, behind a desk. It was very dark and I was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans because it saved on washing. I seemed to have a lot of work and for some bizzare reason lots of hair on my tummy. I had to drive these cars around, my parents cars. My uncle's Spannish car my dad's looking after ande out own. I was driving the Spannish car to - for some reason - my old high school. I am not sure what I dropped off there. I remember vividly driving them. though. As if it was part of my duties. The time it was very dark.

My brother was in the kitching having a rant. He was saying all sorts of incomprehendable things, sort of a ramble. He also swore at one point and I've never heard him do that. He then walked into (or opened the door on) an orgie going on in my parents bedroom (though none of my family or anybody I knew was in there.) It was very surreal.

At the party my mate.
I go to this end of term party with my mate Huw. I arrive really really late, like as if theres only a couple of hours left. I recall thinking the time nine and the time two thirty as finishing but I know for a fact I'm only at the party for two hours exactly. I cant recall if he gets there this late or not. It's in a really blackened Academy (big gig's venue) but very darkly lit with music and crowded, but not dancing, more groups of people standing about. Very strange. There are lots of bars but not in the normal places - more as stalls situated about the place. The weird thing is none of our other friends are with us - just me and him. we get drinks (lager) and drink for a bit, at one point he goes off to chat with somebody and I chat to somebody else, end up meeting up again. Then I go chatting to lots and lots of people mainly girls just as the night finishes and the lights go on but everybody stays. sort of like a log in. No idea who I'm chatting to, perhaps people I work with.. I remember people wearing blue - a guy, and some girls. I don't remember leaving after this.

I'm on a train, the train to Manchester, leaving out of London, but stopping at all the small stations around there, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, all that way. Including my mate's station from dream above, but he's not there. I'm with a selection of mates, and sitting opposite to the front. One guy infront of me keeps teasing me, he's a mate from school, Kevin who I haven't seen in a while [1]. I do not recall the particulars of the others. Eventually we draw into this station called Cunnyville. Its sort of all jungly outside. We get off. Or are sort of drawn to look out the window into what's happening in this place.

Cunnyville and Winnie the Pooh.
Winnie the Pooh and his friends live in Cunnyville. I never watched much or read much of him as a child nor as an adult so I know not that much about his stories and so on. It is therefore exstremely strange that I should dream about him and his friends. Him and his friends all live in the land where this Cunnyville stop is. What does Cunnyville mean? In particular to about half a dozen charecters I remember a small piglet type person. They're all wandering about the jungly area and then war breaks out. There's one circular woodern house which has like a fan of about twenty breams aranged in a circle, about a hundred feet in diameter. They start rotating and moving upwards and shoot up and start hitting people. Then this local man launches a huge log thing which is catapulted accross the land and lands on the ground shooting spears out that go all over the place. War breaks out in cunnyville and similar thigns take place. Then Winnie the Pooh and friends walk off their heads bowed and all of a sudden they become still and turn into a comic book picture and we're back on the train looking at Cunnyville. The other interesting thing was the lack of Tigger!

I often dream about being on holiday in Spain but this one was significantly different. It was in a different place, East of where we used to stay was where we were staying this time. To get there we had to walk sort of East, parralelll to the coast but up mountains. To get there we soon went into a forrest. The strange thing about this holidays was as well as my entire family and grandmother, my granddad who died when I was young was with us. In the other car. But whilst he was there I never spoke to him in this dream or heard him speak or anything. He was there but never heard or seen or acting or anything. quite sad that he was there but I didn't get to experience him. We walk up into the deep forrest. Over the hills we see a very typical spannish hotel/appartment block in the distance, but carry on going. My nan and brotehr and sister and granddad are in the other car. I'm with my parents walking through the dark forrest. As we get in deeper it is all night in the sky and we entchanted wood from Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree..

The Faraway tree
Is set in this wood. The fareaway tree isnt exactly a tree but a sort of climbing thick, thick tree going up the side of a rocky mountain. You can climb up it and you do. I notice how the forrest is indeed thick and darker than usual green like in the book. I don't notice any yellow lakes though, but I remember thinking about this. The tree is littered with differetn kinds of fruit all the way up and glows like a Christmas tree. It is sort of decorated like a christmast ree too - Its almost as if (as I recall thinking at the time,) Enid blyton based the idea of the tree on a christmas tree. As I walk up I notice various tree folk, Silky, Mister Whatshisname, Dame Washalot. I get up to the top then I remember moonface. I see him breifly. I don't go to any of the lands at the top. Then I go down the slippery slope again (which Is made of rock not wood because its in a mountain and get back to the bottom. I thank moonface and leave. When I was young and read the books first time, I recall having a very bizzare dream of going down the 'other side' of the tree. I always mentally imagined the tree in my mind from one side when reading it and to go down on the other side and see the forrest top from this other side was quite surreal. It was as if I was looking from the tree in these old dreams, not at it. I remember recalling in this dream that because the tree was up a hill, there was no other side as that was the face side. quite strange.

As we left the tree it because light again as we left the forrest, warm and more spainlike and light and sunny and you could smlel the sea now you'd crossed this mountain and see it. The others arrived. The house was seculded but nice. We had a barbeque or something, and there was a nice smell in the air. We sat outside.

Guy next door
I'm back in our house with Nuala in the sitting room. I'm doing some homework at the computer. There's a guy sat at the window (it's pitch black) from next door doing his work too. He is a quarter based on a guy I know through a friend and two quarters based on one of the guys who lived next door to us last year and a quarter based on a guy I saw on the telly last night. Its as if we're in the same house as this year but with last years next door neighbours. We only met our neighbours a couple of times which is a shame I think. Anyway he was sat at the window like outside in the street with the window open. I invite him in after i've finished what I was doing. He says yes and I think he does to see Nuala[2]. Nuala then later tells me she really fancies him!

Nuala next morning and the guys
I wake up. Nuala's in the house. Its weird as it is really like our house and it is the same house as in the previous segnment but I'm looking at it all from a different perspective, a different position. It is quite strange. I get in. Tell nuala that I came back on a train last night, didnt get back till nine, then went out with Huw, stayed for two hours till close then for a bit longer after close then came back with the guy. I then go over the this guys house or they come over to us, or like our houses blur into one. Chris, the guy, looks slightly differnet.[3]. They're all in the Kitching/Living room part cooking. I go upstairs to get something from my room, but a different room from last time. Is it my bedroom in halls or is it my nan's box room?! Its strange because though it is identical to my hall's room when I was in the first year it is from a different angle, a differnet perspective. It looks and is layed out the same but my mind's approcahcing it from a different angle. It's all very strange as uuit makes me think of it entirely differently... When i'm in there there is a lot of thought of radios. my digital wavefinder which hangs on the wall and has chanigg coloured lights is not plugged in to my computer, but has like a dark red sinister round trafficlight sort of bulb (so totally differnet) beaming out. Sort of almost 70s disco light too... anyhoo, I wonder if digital radios are woth it and there is another radio (perhaps digital) there. I realise how I havent recore3d chris moyels in a while. there's a third, analogue, radio perhaps. I'm searching for something but cannot for the life of me find it. I then go down to teh others

The disabled toilets
I'm at school, high school again, its during the day again. I'm with my old best mate from priamry school less of a mate at highschool, Lee. Also with an indian chap who was really short but is exstremely short in this dream, Jabran. Its lesson time, but we're walking about school. I really need to go for a shit, so they all agree to go to a toilet, in my dream there's one in the built on drama/media studdies block. (when I was really young I had a dream that involved a built on drama block before it happened! I'll tell all some other time - fantastic dream, I can recall it now I so can.) Anyway Apparently there is a disabled toilet in there I can use. I'm not sure if I was pushing a wheelchair with nobody in it before or it appeared at this moment, but I went in claiming to be disabled, even though I wasnt IN the wheelchair, just pushing an empty one. Anyway this toilet is actually a dentist's chair, which is diagonal on the top back rest, horizontal for a breif bit with a toilet seat on, then diagonal again. for the feet - it looks awfully uncomfortable. The room is very white and medical and there are lots of people in there, including a few young ballerina girls in tutus of pink and yellow and possible blue. There are various otehrs sitting and chatting. I have a great problem getting rid of these peopel but are finalyl scucesfull. I think I have to ask a teacher who I dont recognise in an office at one point. I then have trouble getting Jabran and Lee to leave as they also want to sit and watch me crap. Lee says he's going to the Cellar bar (a bar at our university union) which is apparently next door and apparently open!! There's a link to my union from my old high school - bizzare! Anyway, when Lee leaves and says this he reminds me very much of my mate Iain[4]. Anyway I start taking a shit, my pants are pulled down and everything and peopel come barging in. I try to continue but can't nad ahve great trouble getitng rid of them. Eventually they go and...

Ghory detailsCollapse )

...Having finished my shit I leave. I walk in on a media studdies class and perahps a drama one too. That's about it and I go and find the others.

I dream about this new form of transport. Underground canals for transportation like the underground train network but with water. But the water is only about a foot or two deep, if that, above white woodern floorboards that ammazinbgly seem to hold the water, unless they were tiles that look like boards. Apparently the marvel is because it is so shallow people can walk (wade through it) as well as row in canooes. to work. Apaarently pleaseing everybody. People do not row literally as there is a huge tide that draws people along with no effort and helps the waders. There is a voiceover and it becomes a documentary about how this wade and flow with the tide in dingy tunnels policy is so succesfull and used by millions a day and more ppoular than the underground. There is a huge amount of traffic in boats of all sizes and pbusiness men wading with shoes on and other peopel wading barefoot and people in multicoloured canoios who mirraculously work on such shallow water. I think I'm wading about barefoot.

We've had a van in our garage I often dream about that has been there since 1987. It is blocking these chest of draws and since a kid I've been fascinated as to what are in these draws we have had no access to for neigh on sixteen years.

Well in this part of the dream I imagine that the van is repaired and gone and outside and I get to open these draws. There are lots of wiring things, modern telephone sockets and RJ45 sockets and the like, only slightly dustry. I get to ride the van too.

Bank of England, HSBC, Midland, Deutsche (Dutche) bank)
My mother and I are going to London to see an important bank manageress about me having lost some money when bad things happened. The bank reimburesed me but this is about more money in regards to this and in regards to me being in debt. When bad things happened I lost money. (in real life)

We go to the city and aim to go to the Bank of England. I tell my mother it is now owned by Deutsche Bank, and we find that building (although in my dream it's called Dutche Bank) and go in there. Up a sort of stainless street door and up some esculators. When we get upstairs a lady at a desk tells us we're slightly too early and to wait a bit. offers us tea and stuff and we sit at the desk. I go out the door. We're no longer in London but int eh University of Manchester shopping precinct. There's a woolwioch downstairs (not really) I recall staying in there ages waiting for something the other day (not really.) the bank lady writes something down for us, my mum is interested by II dont tell her we need it. I walk out again. There are two midlands in this precinct, one on the corner, near the walkway to our department that is sort of dark and overcast outside. Its weird because on teh outside they look more like the new look natwest, and say midland with the old griffin on the outside but are really HSBC. I go out and decide to check my exam results int eh department on the way. Desk lady comes with me and walks into the department accross the area with me - she is apparently a part time student there. I ask here why there are two HSBCs/Midlands next to eachother. She gives some reason, The other is more important apparently. It takes me ages to get her to go because I dont speak to her. There is a huge crowd in teh department and it is all hot and sticky and humid all of a sudden. As it there is going to be a thudnerstorm. I go upto the landing wher ethe results were. I was going to chek email but it was too busy too many peopel on computers. I see a couple of my demonstraters, Chris Kirkham and Peter Capon. I chat to them. I mistook them for oneanother the otehr day or week or something when I was both in the same room. I then leave and go back to the precinct as it is my time to be back. There are escalators all over and multi levels (not really, just in the dream) I go up one and then start to go up another but then realise I could have done it in this one twisty escalator, so I go up this twisty, two story, escaulator, with flat bits, like walkways at airports and stations. I then run off the walkway bit that runs right outside the leftmost entrance to the bank into the bank. Pint of beer in my hand (no idea where I got it from) and I also still have the tea. My mum asks where I've been. The improtant lady is ready to see us now. She looks different to how she did before, though. I go in ask if its ok to bring my beer, she says yes, and we all start talking. I want to speak privately, my mum is close by at first, we both drop hints, then she willingly moves away, she like moves accross these big, high backed, green armchairs, me and the bank manager are on teh edge of the desk in her office on swival office chairs or somethng, she mvoes t the other end of the desk.

Coloured screens
Somewhere in my dream I imagined coloured tv screens of different shapes and sizes all rectangles some square, but different ratios. All showing tv logos of old, some black and white, some reaolistic, some made up some twisted. some more modern. all animating. Sometody turned them off but it didnt work it just stopped them animating. Then some, but not all of the screens showed this same picture, like this red picture, but it was like, all parts of the picture, like all the screens together made up the entire thing, not all showing copies of the same thing, like those big multiscreens. Just not all of them switched over to this red textture swirly, material background thing. Itw as like this hot spannish place but just texture. more and more began to show it and that's it. It was like in a tv shop window.
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Peculiar set last night

At one point I was out in the back smoking on the dodge, I was getting something out of my dad's car and the doors were open. The car was on the street by the back and I was with this guy i'm not sure if he was a relative or not, I don't think so. I see him in red, dark hair. Vaguely perhaps resembling a guy I know at work. Anyway he was there with me. I go back into the garden from the street for literally 2 seconds and the car disapears, stolen (the doors were open)

I call the police on my mobile but the woman at 999 says teh police are currently unavailable. I tell my dad, he's not as mad as I expect but he tells me that I should have rung the firebrigade and told them instead. I try to ring 122 but I cant get it tow ork and my phone displays the wrong number even though i'm sure i'm typing it in right.

I'm also down the club where my parents go at one point in the toilets. Doing a shit but I cant get it out. then I realise the door is open!

There's another bit where I'm on a plane again. Going to cananda. As before it keeps stopping at random places and as before I get paranoid just before the last stop. I remember looking at hte clock and seeing we have two hours leftbefore landing but then I realise there's another stop first. I get strangely nervous at points when I realise i'm flying and that things could go wrong at any minute. I look outside and its raining and i'm told thundering and stormy but I can't see this just the rainclouds.

this dream sort of ends then i'm on another trip to spain. I'm packing lots of summery clothes, sandles and the like. In a suitcase. And like I get on a taxi to go to the airport (sort of in mancehster and sort of not) then when i'm halfw ay there I forget my suitecase, I go back get it, order a taxi get impatient get a bus, remember i've forgotten something else (another suitcase) get bus back or something and miss my plane. I'm pissed off because I was really happy about the idea of waking up in a hot country.

Night before last and night before that

Left it a bit long so the details are hazy but here goes.

Funny lights
I recall being in my utility room trying to put colour lightbulbs in the round three-lamp spotlight thing on the ceiling. The bulbs were a mixture of small rounded coloured ones and humungas big ones. Both screw-in cap, not bayonet cap. The big ones were about six inches long and four inces in diameter at the top they sort of had the shape of a spotlight with the flat wide bit at the top, but were squared around the thickest part not curved. In particular I recall a yellow one though green, blue and red might also have been there. As soon as I put the big ones in they kept exploding/breaking/stop working. and getting three coloured ones all to work seemed doomed to fail.

BBC Radio 1
I was in some studio of Radio 1. It was a massive room, slightly resembling something in my department, but not quite. All the action was along one wall with a glass screen - the wall was on the left hand side as you walked in the door there was a wall much futerher away and a wall miles away on the opposite wall to the screen. Hence the room was really big but largely empty, littered with just a few tables and general bits and peices, electrical equiptment and the like but mainly empty. There were about 5 people in there and I was producer. It was some show through the night at about 2 or 3 in the morning. I was looking for the Chris Moyle's production team, but none of them wer ethere. I then muddled about on a minidisc player and that was it.

Rude waitress
I was sort of in my student union bar, but again it looks completley different. For some reason I'm with two peopel from school, Ben and Jason. I'm chatting with them then I go to get drinks. For some reason I have my work uniform on inside out but its a slightly differnet colour. So I'm not actually working. The main bar is closed so I go to this smaller abr which doesnt actually exist. The whole layout is entirely different, very strange. This waitress woman constantly gives me the wrong order, mischarges me and so on. I see lots of coffee machines in the background and two or three waiters/bar staff (at least two blokes) working on them. This waitress woman is an older woman and terrible and grumpy and a bit distant and doesnt seem to care. I'm getting a round of three drinks all differenmt, I think a beer coffee and diet coke or something. Several times it comes wrong. It hink there might have been an orange juice somewhere too. At pone point the coffee is all badly made (cappacino) the ber half empty and an inch of coke (probably the wrong sort) in the glass which is tall and cracked. Eventually I take the best I'm likely to get and when I offer to pay she says just take it. So I feel badly served but it's free so I take it over and that's it

Next night

Union bar
Some girls are trying to buy weed off me or sell me weded or something. I'm with a mate in the union bar at this point. It is packed, we try to get shifts. I have one already but got o get another, the queue is massive and it is near christmas. I'm not sure if aI manage one, but speak to the management, there is also another woman there. The layout is closer to real but different. Not sure if I go back to smoke with these girls or with my mate. They seem quite nice, perhaps one was flirting with me. I think they were waitresses, and there was definatly two. Perhaps they both fancied me, they both seemed to like me.

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I have just completed uploading my backlogue of dreams from 2002 (and December 2001.) Some cool ones there so have a butchers. Note they're backdated so not available on friends lists. I havent deleted the origionals from _jamez_ and I might have missed one or two, but I think I've got them all. Quite a trip down memory lane really. Interesting to analyse old dreams, mainly because it prooves I actually *do* dream about old dreams again instead of dreaming about them and knowing i've dreamed them before but thinking I've dreamt about dreaming about them before but actually haven't. When indeed I have. Which is strange. It prooves I have a lot more reoccuring dreams than I origionally thought. Interesting that. Also interesting to see how they've changed and to remember old dreams in hindsight.
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More Planes
Seemed to be a lot more aeroplane stuff. But this time I wasn't really affraid, not for hte most part anyway.

I was at the back and the plane was at a weird angle, I was buying drinks off the waitress woman but like leaning on my seat on my back with my head lying down facing the ceiling into the aisle, I was getting lots of bits and bobs and various drinks, my change and fallen on the floor and I was trying to reach it in this position

The stuwardess and stuff were all in orange. But it wasnt sleasyjet.

Then we kept stopping at all these european cities. And the plane stopped to let people on and off. All on the outside were these european buildings. - as if we were landing in the main highstreets. At one place, Vienna I think, I got off to see if I could use my mobile on the steps. By this time the plane was full of people from work and I asked one of them an inchargy person if I could use my phone on the steps or in the walky bit and was worried I wouldn't have time to use it before it took off again. He and said no because he and the guy he was with didn't like it or something and gave atechnical reason. I was due off at the next stop and I was scared because I knew because this was the last stop sods law would make something bad happen. After this next stop - Paris - we were going on to America so I certainly wanted to get off. I get off at paris but it's a really nice country road. Lots of people are speaking and singing in french and I sort of wait fo my parents by this grassy mound thing who go into this hut shop thing for ice cream and telephone and priovisions and things, and notice bits of lego are in the earth or ground. We're then getting back ont eh plane and have to hurry up.

I think for the second time in recent days, I dream that we have a second black cat next to Max. This is the second time I dream this. But this cat was put (alive) in the freezer because we didn't have time to look after two at the minute. So as it was nearing Christmas, I said I'd defrost the second cat. Max was already undefrosted and playing in the living room and my mum was concerned they wouldnt get on and needed time to get on. This second cat had a thinner tail and body and looked slightly different. He was slowing being defrosted with the freezer door open on the outside. I told my dad who was carving something out of a peice of Christmas cake and he seemed to be fine with it. Eventually the cat was defrosted and running about a bit, but if he fought with Max we could always pop him back in the freezer.
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