Dream Diary of James Pittman (_dreamyjamez_) wrote,
Dream Diary of James Pittman

For some reason I had a motorbike and was going to see a strange stage show of a re-enactment of rainbow somewhere in London. For some reason I had had news that I had not got something, either not passed something or not got a job, but I was also not particually bothered about it. I was very excited about the motorbike which had a chrome finish. When I arrived, there were lots of concrete buildings and a gift shop by the side with very expensive nice items icluding teas and liqueurs. The man took my ticket, told me to stick my bike in an old disused toilet at the back and sent me in, saying there was standing room only. All I could think about was what train station to get off at on my way home, and how this was all a bit peculiar.

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