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Weird, weird deam

It's quite a long dream of not that much signifficance other than the usual missmatch of the last few days and months events (I have noticed that bigger events seem to last longer in dreams than less big events) and I am slowly forgetting so I'll concentrate on the really weird bit that doesn't fit in with anything.

I was in Spain somewhere that looked like Barcelona quite busy out of a really big arpartment building where I had just come out of. It was sunny and there were lots of people about on this road As I was walking down the pavement, I noticed a patch of rain. but it was incredibly small, infact about six yards long along the pavement at the most in terms of where the rain was hitting. Infact only thiis stretch of was really wet It was even narrower along the road and pavement in terms of where the rain was falling, as in very, very small area. I was absolutely amazed in the dream and kept running and walking along the length and width of it. There were a bunch of people, I think they were Spannish, around a car near this spot. I was getting wet and looking up at the Sky at either end. The rest of the sky was sunny albeit with a few patchy clouds. I remember looking up t one point and seeing the moon, very vividly in the sky during broad daylight and when I was at the end, furthest form where I started from the very small rain storm, I could see a havy rainbow, very small and just in this patch. It was really, really beautiful and I have never seen anything like it in real life. I think the side spectators seemed amazed too and had noticed my mad running in and out of this tiny rain storm. I then ran back to the original spot and as I looked up I had noticed the rain had stoped, and I saw a very small white, powdery cloud, in the sky, amongst other clouds, slightly whiter, and almost like something out of a biblical film, where god might show himself. The cloud, about four or five times the size of the moon in terms of size in the sky, very quickly began to fall out the sky, from being right high up to being on the ground without changing its size, shape or form. Then, just before it hit the ground, it should of quietly exploded in a puff, and these two goldy looking peices of metal droped out of where the cloud was and pinged onto the pavement and I went to grab them to see what they were. One of the Spanish spectators grabbed one and I only got the chance to see one. Upon looking at it, it was a small, Brass or Gold cross, with strange triangle shapes in the middle and with some markings I couldn't make out. It was quite heavy, thick and abut the diameter of the inside of a toilet roll middle. Initially I had been disapointed because I thought that they might be real money, £l2 coins or something, or 2s. One of the men told me that these were war medals, and that people would pay much cash (he was speaking in broken English) to buy these. I had thought originally that they had been coins put up in the clouds to seed this unusual rain. I ran off as fast as I could with mine, dissapointed I didn't have both, but excited about their value and fearful the man might be after mine too. As I lost him (I have no idea whether they tried to chase me or not, I dissapeared that quick, thus was the signifficance of how their importance felt) I felt rather sad that as a pair, the two items would be split apart forever. I then held onto it for dear life as I went back up into the building from whence I came.

I have never dreamt anything like this before, and it really baffles me.

The rest of the dream was quite strange as it was a mixture of being in spain and england, with me being at work and in this appartment block interchangably. At one point when I was in the apartment block, we were at a friends of ours house we're in quite a lot, but for some reason set in spain. I recall at one point not realising the fact we were in spain and it was only when I left to get some money out to buy some weed off of him that I got out and found I was in spain because all of the cash machines were Spanish. I was then confused as to what cash card to use and how much I would be charged, should I get a lot out and so on. There were then lots of spannish blockes hanging around by the machine and I was petrified they would steal my pin becuse they were all leaning on the front panel of the machine eating their lunch...

The interior of the building was a bit perculiar too, lots of strange corridors one with a bar along it and lots of strange people. One spannish man, friendly seeming but also quite formidable was in charge of the bar, told me to stop dead half way through walking through the corridor which slightly resembled a train buffet car with a bar on it. I was scared so I stopped (I was on the run after having found these medals) and he flashed a little green light on me. Something to do with statistics gathering and that I could win £l120 in two days time but not to tell anybody about it. Too much in a hurry to get the medal to safety, I didn;t stop to question this. At other times, the corridors in the building turned to streets, arcades and tunels where I was with my friend and at some point loosing them as we seemed to be going ever south on some mission somewhere, I am not sure quiet why, perhaps to find something. This is where the details have got hazy already.

Oh, and the other strange bit was to do with articles in the Independent (or was it the Independent on Sunday) which lots of people I was with seemd very interested in and which I was required to blu-tak up everywhere at work. I had already bought some blu-tak on teh way to work, but as I bought it when I was in spain it was pink. When I mixed it all together with the blu-tak at work which was normal it went first yellow, then orange, then white, then green until I had a big blob of multicoloured dough. I was worried somebody would think i was plastercine.

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