Dream Diary of James Pittman (_dreamyjamez_) wrote,
Dream Diary of James Pittman

last night I had some very strange dreams.

I cant remember them all, though.

In one part our house was falling dwown. It was back home and my dad had dug a hole in the extension, in the utility room. It went down and it was deep. You could see hidden rooms below, it was all very strange. The tyles were all broken and coming away, and he said the house could fall down if he wasnt careful it was that unstable. It was all very scary. I was living there again. My nan was there and my sister. My sister was with a partner, it was all very strange and she was moving things out of her old room for some reaosn where I had my computer so that she and this other person could live in my brothers old room. I remember at one point lso, waking up in the night an the light not working and being scared of the falling downness.

Later the house (upstairs at least) became this house I'm living in now. A complete location change. It was weird too because I went to the bathroom and all the walls around it were dissapeared. just the bath and the sink and no walls, nuit instead of the outside was a far, far bigger inclosed walled space, several stories high and quite wide. Two houses wide. it was like the houses behind us and engulfed and connected in and we were looking out on their back gardens and back rooms of their house (no back walls) but the whole roof and walls engulfed those two houses and our own. Some people were on the ground below (well it was the ground floor ground really) with furniture and bits, and broken wet bricks crumbling. They were cooking on an open fire the smoke of which left a sky light in the ceiling. Jack, who popped int the bathroom, seemed to know them and started chatting to them. It was all very strange. I wondered how I'd have a bath in such open-planness with our neighbours seeing our bathroom (which was now essentially just an indoor balcony) but I figured I could do something with shower curtains and the like.

And there was another bit when I was in safeway. Some attractive bird was at the till and nearby was a cash machine. I put my card in but just as this previous chinese business man was getting his money OUT. There was confusion as to whose money was who. then I remembered that I hadnt typed a pin in buyt money of mine still came out, how did that work. I kept doing it, putting my card in, no selection no pin, money just came out. Was I being billed for this? and the money was all odd. Fourty, and Fourty-Five pound notes came out, all looking odd. Even the other denominatiosn were the wrong shape and oc.our. The five looked like a twenty and the twenty like a fifty. It was all strange. some had flaps like sanitary towels.

I was then going back to Citibank. for one day only. It was on the same floor as safeway. But I was an hour late because of the money thing. Would I get in truble on my very last day? It was all very scary.

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