Dream Diary of James Pittman (_dreamyjamez_) wrote,
Dream Diary of James Pittman

Last night I had some fucking fucked up dreams.

It started off in our house back in Longisght where I've now left. for some reason I had removed the fire (which I never used) in my bedroom and replaced it with an expensive coal immitation one like my parents have of my own expenses. (but I was still paranoid about gas safety having fitted it myself.) Some land lady came to inspect our house (not our normal lady) and was fussy about everything but eventually we get the 'all clear'

Next I was in a club with, at first, just one of the guys I'll be moving into the new house with. It was an interesting club and there was lots of us there. It was like on many levels and lots of rooms, it was just packed full of lots of people. I think I wa chatting to some girls and remember being in the toilets at one point.

We then, a big group of us now, leave the club and it's about 4am and it's light. We come ut onto a big green field, a bit like a school playing field or also a park. It's like the club we were in was in the middle of a grassy area, not countryside as there were houses all around, but had big grassy open space. As it was dawn I was in the mood to stay up.

Later this morphs into it just being 11AM and a load of us from work leaving a pub we were in. We all decide to go somewhere else, somebody wanted to go to Squirrels, somebody else wanted to go to horny and somebody else wanted to go to a house party first. Nobody knew where we were going and I was initially with one of my mates and a couple of others from work. While we were hanging around on the stres we were playing this game where four of us would pick up a fith person and swing him so he kicks an unexpecting stranger. We accidentally cut one of my old, old friends from school's face and he wasnt happy and wouldnt beleive it was an accident, and especiaally as I accidentally hurt him a couple of times (scratches or bumps or something) again, but I forget how. It's as if I was an accident but he thinks I'm doing it on purpose.

We are finally on this road off of university (a walking distance to Horny but for some reasoon we're getting a bus) and it's on the strange road that the busses don't go on. We get on random busses and are given sausages and the like to eat. The strange thing about this is that we buy both sausage meet and 'empty' sausage. The empty sausages are basically things that look like raw sausages but have no meat in them and you have to 'smear' the sausage meet in through teh skins of the 'empty' sausages to make them 'real' susages. I do this messilly while walking and end up with one raw sausage and one empty sausage and some sausage meat and nowhere to cook it. Before long we are seperated from the others and it's just me and my mate Garth who I havent seen in ages. We dont know where the others have gone. I try to ring my friend gregg but his phone is off and he has an exstremly bizzare voice message that I cannot even begin to remember, sort of people singing in the background, pretending to be a DJ or something. It scares me up anyway. My mate is unsure and has guinesses to drink. Time is getting on and I feel really rushed to get somewhere before 2am closing time or at luck 3am. But I feel really rushed. Then we go down the road on the bus and end up going too far past where we were meant to. We get off in what looks like a dodgy area but work further down. The further we go the dodgier we think the area is and get paranoid of getting mugged. All of a sudden the place turns into a very olde seaside town kind of place, not a bit like manchester, but with no sea. The streets are full of cottages and cobblestones, like an old fashioned tightly packed tourist village. We end up by this old 'locals' pub and are scared of the locals coming out of it drunk. There are two but only one is still open and it's chucking out time because it is now midnight. Lots of old drunk men come out and for some reason we go into this strange food/butchers/delecatecian's shop for directions. Whilst in there, it is very crowded. Perhaps we need change or something too. Eitehrway in order to get change I buy a wholemeal role. The woman behind the counter, a nice woman, says "He's too drunk (regarding my friend) but perhaps you could answer this for me:" and then asks me a question which for the life of me I can't remember but I did answer her. I can't remember what hte answer was either. I think it was something regarding the drunk old men. Anyay we leave, I decide to use the role to put my newly made sausage in, but still nowhere to cook it (perhaps we could have gone to a barbequye somewhere - oh dear!) anyway, we run this time back from whence we came, although in hindsight there was nothing scary looking about the nice quaint cobble stoned roads and now canals! we jump over the start of the canal where it's narrow, round under bridges and past factories and at one point almost stumble into a dead end but soon run out of that and end up running back. There's also the notion I could end up in Withington meeting Iain too after the pubs close incase he has drinks but I still want a drink first. We carry on running away and that's where the dream ends though it might have resumed later in the Squirrels where I meet Iain who's come down of his own accord, I can't remember. Gregg might have been there too at the squirrels but I don't know.

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