Dream Diary of James Pittman (_dreamyjamez_) wrote,
Dream Diary of James Pittman

Man, I had some fucked up dreams last night.

In one, very scarilly, I was sky diving, with a group of people. For some reason I was chatting/etting rpeoccupied as I was falling and I 'forgot' to pull the chord when I was meant to. I realised that if I didn't pull the chord in the next few seconds i'd hit the ground so I went to pull it but I couldn't find it, and I paniced that very soon I'd hit the floor. The dream ended there, I didnt know the outcome, whether I pulled in time or hit the floor.

In another dream I was arrested, tried and sent to prison for four years. I'm not sure what I was sent to prison for (I think it was to do with stealing, (mp3's perhaps?) or similar) and in the dream I was so shocked at the events I couldnyt remember a singlee part of the trial. Despite this and not remembering what it was that I had done wrong there was a very, very, strong sense that this was real. It was so vivid, and It was so real that I couldnt beleive it was happening, it couldnt sink in, thats how real it felt. I had a first day in prison which wasnt so bad, it was just incarciration and in some ways it was an open prison and I was allowed to go out to university to carry on my studies while I was in there but then banged up. After one day there I simply couldn't beleive how I would be able to carry on doing this for the next four years... Then the next day I was on my way back to the place (university or prison i'm not sure) and I felt that if I tried to imagine it had never happened, repress it in my mind then it would neve rhappen and I wouldn't have to go back there for a second day. It was sort of a midn control, I would go into denial in my mind and by being in denial it would mean that it truthfully would never have hapened. And it worked. I went back and nobody said I was in prison. The fact that I had a criminal record, could never get a decent job and my 2i was meaningless had disappeared through power of the mind. But it was still scary and I was so happy to wake up.

Finally, I was in America. I was with my mother and perhaps my brother and his mrs but no father and we had lots of young kids associtated iwth us, not sure if they were related or not. It is patchy as to what we were doing there, in particular it was interesting tha there was no flying stage involved, though I remember at one point it suddenly dawning on me that we were in america and at some point would have to fly back. we were in LA and apparently it isnt far from san fransisco. We had a car, and I remember remarking on how interesting it was that the driver's seat was where the passenger's seat should be on the left hand side. It seemed so bizzare. Suddenly things got pitched black and rainy and they closed the road betwen LA and SF and we couldnt get anywhere, there was a big crowd of people. i was really annoyed and i had an idea to ring hte powers that be in america to make them let us drive on the road because we wer ebritish and had a BBC camera crew with us (!?) I didnt know the number and wondered if the same directoy enquiries number would work in america as here (192 which is becoming defunct anyway.) bizzarely it did and we got through but just as we did the road was open anyway. We made it to SF and were told we were staying in this house which was identical to our house here. Apparently this style of house was veyr popular all over america... we went in and everything was laid out the same but slightly different. It took me ages to get to terms with the fact the house was dotted with US plug sockets not UK ones, I looked through all the cupbaords which were differnet fo rhte boiler of the house which I eventually found in a bizzare place. THe house was very spookly in the fact it was the same but totally differnet. everybody was here and we got ready to stay here. I felt quite stange, it really felt like I was miles away and in america i was sort of surreal.

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