Dream Diary of James Pittman (_dreamyjamez_) wrote,
Dream Diary of James Pittman

Funny set of dreams last night. Not least because I'm sure it involved figg snogging blokes at some point! (can'tr remember if he snogged me or not)

I cant remember much fo the rest of it, except being sort of in the student's union but at the same time not and to an extent at my old job too and also Cheers. There was some thing about trying hard to get a Basket Ball but the ones I kept getting from this bar that was in the same room but different bar loaded as a computer game kept breaking. I remember this new bar that springed out of the wall run by different people wouldnt let us have the bull and I tried to persuade the waitress to give me one ina cake box, she gave it to me but then tried to grab me and snog me as an evil trick to get me into trouble for ball steeling, I was dragged over the bar and had to get two of my mates from work to drag me away from her to escape. Next we had this weird idea to change the gas behind the bar. Terry Wogan, who was the bar manager, said it wasnt necesarry but we knew better. we had an idea of sneaking down a secret passage behind the gas fireplace but I felt too clostrophobic and that we'd get caught and I chickened out. For a moment it felt like I was at war. There was a bit later in the park where I used to go and play when small but all was different, there was no helter-skelter and the playground bits were all in different places. I also dreamed I was 28 and chatting with Iain about getting old.

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