Dream Diary of James Pittman (_dreamyjamez_) wrote,
Dream Diary of James Pittman

weird being back in halls
I'm back in halls, its all weird, and there are hidden air ducks from the bathroom upstiars and weird windows wher ehter eshouldn't be. It's really hot and people are doing washing up in the bath upstiars.

Upstairs Downstairs
An episode of Upstairs Downstairs. Mrs Bridges is being auditioned by the master and lady Marjorie for their son, James's thirty first birthday (they think that 31 like 21 should be important) Mrs Bridges is dancing on the table, and Marjorie is very happy. (even though she is a cook and it is not her place and a cook and butler dancing on the morning room table wouldn't even have been thought of in that era! Marjorie is worreid about her dress so considers lending her one of her evening gowns or something. mrs Bridges and flatters and at first refuses but then wears it.

It then goes to Mister James is in bed with a woman who at first seems like his sister Miss Lizzy. Alfred (the footman from early on) comes in on them and gasp! there is great shock. Alfred is like "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody, and don't worry, it's actually quite legal And, Mr James: two words: magic Mushrooms".

The master and lady order James to mary the woman, who ends up being a step sister or cousin or something - from the latter years when the master had remarried but marjorie is still very much alive and in it. The 'Magic Mushroom' reference refer to the fact that...

...the woman has vaginal fungus which happens to be of the same hilucinogenic variety as Magic Mushrooms, similar to LSD. And due to cunilingus, Mister James had eaten enough of this fungus to receive its effects.

Mister James then trips out and goes weird. The Master and Lady tell Mrs Bridges and Hudson not to worry, they can use their dance routine for the wedding instead.

We then cut to a very, very scary person in a wheelchair, who at first glance is mister James, but with one leg all deformed, a deformed face and a twisted leg. It is a very chilling and still image and it turns out to be an infant, the child bore from the pregnancy resulting in the sex of the related couple.

We then have the end credits. Immediately after is an early, 1982 Central logowith the words "Central Television" actually within the globey pingpongy ball part, with a yellowish reddy browny tint. In one corner it says "A Central Production for Channel 4" with a plain white Channel 4 ident in the corner. I remember thinking how this is really raere the ident and the inclusion of the channel 4 logo and the fact its before the credits. Also i think that upstairs downstiars was made in the 70s only 1972-1976, and that it should all be ATV (in actual fact it was in reality, 70s (that period) London Weekend/LWT so I was wrong twice in my dream!

The end credits then continue with entirely different end creidts and end music as usual with cars in ilustration on a yellow background instead of baige with darker green or brown text and sidings.

All very weird and intense

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