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For some reason I had a motorbike and was going to see a strange stage show of a re-enactment of rainbow somewhere in London. For some reason I had had news that I had not got something, either not passed something or not got a job, but I was also not particually bothered about it. I was very excited about the motorbike which had a chrome finish. When I arrived, there were lots of concrete buildings and a gift shop by the side with very expensive nice items icluding teas and liqueurs. The man took my ticket, told me to stick my bike in an old disused toilet at the back and sent me in, saying there was standing room only. All I could think about was what train station to get off at on my way home, and how this was all a bit peculiar.

Weird, weird deam

It's quite a long dream of not that much signifficance other than the usual missmatch of the last few days and months events (I have noticed that bigger events seem to last longer in dreams than less big events) and I am slowly forgetting so I'll concentrate on the really weird bit that doesn't fit in with anything.

I was in Spain somewhere that looked like Barcelona quite busy out of a really big arpartment building where I had just come out of. It was sunny and there were lots of people about on this road As I was walking down the pavement, I noticed a patch of rain. but it was incredibly small, infact about six yards long along the pavement at the most in terms of where the rain was hitting. Infact only thiis stretch of was really wet It was even narrower along the road and pavement in terms of where the rain was falling, as in very, very small area. I was absolutely amazed in the dream and kept running and walking along the length and width of it. There were a bunch of people, I think they were Spannish, around a car near this spot. I was getting wet and looking up at the Sky at either end. The rest of the sky was sunny albeit with a few patchy clouds. I remember looking up t one point and seeing the moon, very vividly in the sky during broad daylight and when I was at the end, furthest form where I started from the very small rain storm, I could see a havy rainbow, very small and just in this patch. It was really, really beautiful and I have never seen anything like it in real life. I think the side spectators seemed amazed too and had noticed my mad running in and out of this tiny rain storm. I then ran back to the original spot and as I looked up I had noticed the rain had stoped, and I saw a very small white, powdery cloud, in the sky, amongst other clouds, slightly whiter, and almost like something out of a biblical film, where god might show himself. The cloud, about four or five times the size of the moon in terms of size in the sky, very quickly began to fall out the sky, from being right high up to being on the ground without changing its size, shape or form. Then, just before it hit the ground, it should of quietly exploded in a puff, and these two goldy looking peices of metal droped out of where the cloud was and pinged onto the pavement and I went to grab them to see what they were. One of the Spanish spectators grabbed one and I only got the chance to see one. Upon looking at it, it was a small, Brass or Gold cross, with strange triangle shapes in the middle and with some markings I couldn't make out. It was quite heavy, thick and abut the diameter of the inside of a toilet roll middle. Initially I had been disapointed because I thought that they might be real money, £l2 coins or something, or 2s. One of the men told me that these were war medals, and that people would pay much cash (he was speaking in broken English) to buy these. I had thought originally that they had been coins put up in the clouds to seed this unusual rain. I ran off as fast as I could with mine, dissapointed I didn't have both, but excited about their value and fearful the man might be after mine too. As I lost him (I have no idea whether they tried to chase me or not, I dissapeared that quick, thus was the signifficance of how their importance felt) I felt rather sad that as a pair, the two items would be split apart forever. I then held onto it for dear life as I went back up into the building from whence I came.

I have never dreamt anything like this before, and it really baffles me.

The rest of the dream was quite strange as it was a mixture of being in spain and england, with me being at work and in this appartment block interchangably. At one point when I was in the apartment block, we were at a friends of ours house we're in quite a lot, but for some reason set in spain. I recall at one point not realising the fact we were in spain and it was only when I left to get some money out to buy some weed off of him that I got out and found I was in spain because all of the cash machines were Spanish. I was then confused as to what cash card to use and how much I would be charged, should I get a lot out and so on. There were then lots of spannish blockes hanging around by the machine and I was petrified they would steal my pin becuse they were all leaning on the front panel of the machine eating their lunch...

The interior of the building was a bit perculiar too, lots of strange corridors one with a bar along it and lots of strange people. One spannish man, friendly seeming but also quite formidable was in charge of the bar, told me to stop dead half way through walking through the corridor which slightly resembled a train buffet car with a bar on it. I was scared so I stopped (I was on the run after having found these medals) and he flashed a little green light on me. Something to do with statistics gathering and that I could win £l120 in two days time but not to tell anybody about it. Too much in a hurry to get the medal to safety, I didn;t stop to question this. At other times, the corridors in the building turned to streets, arcades and tunels where I was with my friend and at some point loosing them as we seemed to be going ever south on some mission somewhere, I am not sure quiet why, perhaps to find something. This is where the details have got hazy already.

Oh, and the other strange bit was to do with articles in the Independent (or was it the Independent on Sunday) which lots of people I was with seemd very interested in and which I was required to blu-tak up everywhere at work. I had already bought some blu-tak on teh way to work, but as I bought it when I was in spain it was pink. When I mixed it all together with the blu-tak at work which was normal it went first yellow, then orange, then white, then green until I had a big blob of multicoloured dough. I was worried somebody would think i was plastercine.
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last night I had some very strange dreams.

I cant remember them all, though.

In one part our house was falling dwown. It was back home and my dad had dug a hole in the extension, in the utility room. It went down and it was deep. You could see hidden rooms below, it was all very strange. The tyles were all broken and coming away, and he said the house could fall down if he wasnt careful it was that unstable. It was all very scary. I was living there again. My nan was there and my sister. My sister was with a partner, it was all very strange and she was moving things out of her old room for some reaosn where I had my computer so that she and this other person could live in my brothers old room. I remember at one point lso, waking up in the night an the light not working and being scared of the falling downness.

Later the house (upstairs at least) became this house I'm living in now. A complete location change. It was weird too because I went to the bathroom and all the walls around it were dissapeared. just the bath and the sink and no walls, nuit instead of the outside was a far, far bigger inclosed walled space, several stories high and quite wide. Two houses wide. it was like the houses behind us and engulfed and connected in and we were looking out on their back gardens and back rooms of their house (no back walls) but the whole roof and walls engulfed those two houses and our own. Some people were on the ground below (well it was the ground floor ground really) with furniture and bits, and broken wet bricks crumbling. They were cooking on an open fire the smoke of which left a sky light in the ceiling. Jack, who popped int the bathroom, seemed to know them and started chatting to them. It was all very strange. I wondered how I'd have a bath in such open-planness with our neighbours seeing our bathroom (which was now essentially just an indoor balcony) but I figured I could do something with shower curtains and the like.

And there was another bit when I was in safeway. Some attractive bird was at the till and nearby was a cash machine. I put my card in but just as this previous chinese business man was getting his money OUT. There was confusion as to whose money was who. then I remembered that I hadnt typed a pin in buyt money of mine still came out, how did that work. I kept doing it, putting my card in, no selection no pin, money just came out. Was I being billed for this? and the money was all odd. Fourty, and Fourty-Five pound notes came out, all looking odd. Even the other denominatiosn were the wrong shape and oc.our. The five looked like a twenty and the twenty like a fifty. It was all strange. some had flaps like sanitary towels.

I was then going back to Citibank. for one day only. It was on the same floor as safeway. But I was an hour late because of the money thing. Would I get in truble on my very last day? It was all very scary.

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Today much weirdness;

Toilets I was out. I'm not sure where but in a restaurant or bar or something. I needed to go to the toilet and when I went around everybody in there was having sex! I went to the main toilets and one of the girls I was with (Sarah) was shagging somebody not in a cubical but the whole thing, I quickly ran out looking for somewhere else to do my business. I went down some stairs following another sign that read 'toilet' and got to a place where the stairs ended. Instead was a little empty room under the stairwell and an old metal dustbin. In it you could hear two people shagging. I ran further affield where I'm sure I found other people shagging too.

Max Fetching
Max and I were playing fetch together. Max was being very good at it, almost as good as a dog. It was in my garden back home and I was on the path throwing bits of twig, He'd immediately go and fetch it and bring it back, just like a dog would but unlike a god as soon as I put it down and found another peice he'd be really interested to find where the old twig had gone... very odd

Quantum Leap
Had a weird feeling that I was my brother like, that my thread of conciousness had moved into another person as i'd got older. As such I saw myself getting out of a car from a restaurant window, myself now. I said something, I can't remember what, but it was about the real me who I was seeing out of my body and my mother said something along the lines of "Oh he's a completely different person now"... Not sure what that means.

BeeGee Bar
I went down the cellar to find lots of old crap as usual but it was bigger and different to usual. There were big shelves with old dusty spirits bottles on them and assorted old derilic tables and chairs. It dawned on me that this would make an excelent bar. The bar would go infront of the weird shelves-in-the-wall thing and the chairs would be the chairs. I went around a corner and found an old piano. A baby grand. I was amazed, it looked old and tatty but in reasonable shape. The brand said 'Berry' like an old one we hae at home. One of my flatmates Alex said he knew about it but had kept it a secret which pissed me off. I sat down and begin to play but I couldnt get the notes of what I was playing right at first, I felt all awkward. Then I started playing 'How deep is your love' by the beegees. I can vividly remember me playing hte notes and everything. As this was happening my company began to become my parents again. I was looking out the window and my dad o my mum, cant remember which, were on about how this would have been where the people inthe house would have sheltered from air raids during the wars. Now this basement appeared now to be on the ground floor, with big metal pillars supporting a bit of the old house that overhang. Outside was not our usual street but a big wide town centre street, empty and cold and early morningy but still big. Almost like being in europe. Perhaps this wasnt a cellar afterall but something different. Anyway my dad said yes it would have been a cellar because the roads would have been higher (!) and I said no they couldnt have sheltered here because of its inate lack of cellarness (having a large window out onto ground level) meant it wouldn't have been safe.

There endeth the dream

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Last night I had some odd dreams.

Our cat died and we had to look for caskets. I vividly remember my mother telling how he just stopped living for no apparent reason and my sister found him dead on the front step.

My nan was in prison for something she didn't do. I was worried it would turn her doolally so I rung up the prison for a chitchat.

The longest part of the dream was being in a big superstore looking for small stackable draw like boxes that'd fit under the bed. Going through various sections of this semi Marks-And-Spencor shop which also had sections of other shops in the department, a bit like Debenhams does took ages/. I didn't buy them in the end. I found them, then lost them.

There was another part of the dream but I can't remember it.

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Last night I had some fucking fucked up dreams.

It started off in our house back in Longisght where I've now left. for some reason I had removed the fire (which I never used) in my bedroom and replaced it with an expensive coal immitation one like my parents have of my own expenses. (but I was still paranoid about gas safety having fitted it myself.) Some land lady came to inspect our house (not our normal lady) and was fussy about everything but eventually we get the 'all clear'

Next I was in a club with, at first, just one of the guys I'll be moving into the new house with. It was an interesting club and there was lots of us there. It was like on many levels and lots of rooms, it was just packed full of lots of people. I think I wa chatting to some girls and remember being in the toilets at one point.

We then, a big group of us now, leave the club and it's about 4am and it's light. We come ut onto a big green field, a bit like a school playing field or also a park. It's like the club we were in was in the middle of a grassy area, not countryside as there were houses all around, but had big grassy open space. As it was dawn I was in the mood to stay up.

Later this morphs into it just being 11AM and a load of us from work leaving a pub we were in. We all decide to go somewhere else, somebody wanted to go to Squirrels, somebody else wanted to go to horny and somebody else wanted to go to a house party first. Nobody knew where we were going and I was initially with one of my mates and a couple of others from work. While we were hanging around on the stres we were playing this game where four of us would pick up a fith person and swing him so he kicks an unexpecting stranger. We accidentally cut one of my old, old friends from school's face and he wasnt happy and wouldnt beleive it was an accident, and especiaally as I accidentally hurt him a couple of times (scratches or bumps or something) again, but I forget how. It's as if I was an accident but he thinks I'm doing it on purpose.

We are finally on this road off of university (a walking distance to Horny but for some reasoon we're getting a bus) and it's on the strange road that the busses don't go on. We get on random busses and are given sausages and the like to eat. The strange thing about this is that we buy both sausage meet and 'empty' sausage. The empty sausages are basically things that look like raw sausages but have no meat in them and you have to 'smear' the sausage meet in through teh skins of the 'empty' sausages to make them 'real' susages. I do this messilly while walking and end up with one raw sausage and one empty sausage and some sausage meat and nowhere to cook it. Before long we are seperated from the others and it's just me and my mate Garth who I havent seen in ages. We dont know where the others have gone. I try to ring my friend gregg but his phone is off and he has an exstremly bizzare voice message that I cannot even begin to remember, sort of people singing in the background, pretending to be a DJ or something. It scares me up anyway. My mate is unsure and has guinesses to drink. Time is getting on and I feel really rushed to get somewhere before 2am closing time or at luck 3am. But I feel really rushed. Then we go down the road on the bus and end up going too far past where we were meant to. We get off in what looks like a dodgy area but work further down. The further we go the dodgier we think the area is and get paranoid of getting mugged. All of a sudden the place turns into a very olde seaside town kind of place, not a bit like manchester, but with no sea. The streets are full of cottages and cobblestones, like an old fashioned tightly packed tourist village. We end up by this old 'locals' pub and are scared of the locals coming out of it drunk. There are two but only one is still open and it's chucking out time because it is now midnight. Lots of old drunk men come out and for some reason we go into this strange food/butchers/delecatecian's shop for directions. Whilst in there, it is very crowded. Perhaps we need change or something too. Eitehrway in order to get change I buy a wholemeal role. The woman behind the counter, a nice woman, says "He's too drunk (regarding my friend) but perhaps you could answer this for me:" and then asks me a question which for the life of me I can't remember but I did answer her. I can't remember what hte answer was either. I think it was something regarding the drunk old men. Anyay we leave, I decide to use the role to put my newly made sausage in, but still nowhere to cook it (perhaps we could have gone to a barbequye somewhere - oh dear!) anyway, we run this time back from whence we came, although in hindsight there was nothing scary looking about the nice quaint cobble stoned roads and now canals! we jump over the start of the canal where it's narrow, round under bridges and past factories and at one point almost stumble into a dead end but soon run out of that and end up running back. There's also the notion I could end up in Withington meeting Iain too after the pubs close incase he has drinks but I still want a drink first. We carry on running away and that's where the dream ends though it might have resumed later in the Squirrels where I meet Iain who's come down of his own accord, I can't remember. Gregg might have been there too at the squirrels but I don't know.

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Man, I had some fucked up dreams last night.

In one, very scarilly, I was sky diving, with a group of people. For some reason I was chatting/etting rpeoccupied as I was falling and I 'forgot' to pull the chord when I was meant to. I realised that if I didn't pull the chord in the next few seconds i'd hit the ground so I went to pull it but I couldn't find it, and I paniced that very soon I'd hit the floor. The dream ended there, I didnt know the outcome, whether I pulled in time or hit the floor.

In another dream I was arrested, tried and sent to prison for four years. I'm not sure what I was sent to prison for (I think it was to do with stealing, (mp3's perhaps?) or similar) and in the dream I was so shocked at the events I couldnyt remember a singlee part of the trial. Despite this and not remembering what it was that I had done wrong there was a very, very, strong sense that this was real. It was so vivid, and It was so real that I couldnt beleive it was happening, it couldnt sink in, thats how real it felt. I had a first day in prison which wasnt so bad, it was just incarciration and in some ways it was an open prison and I was allowed to go out to university to carry on my studies while I was in there but then banged up. After one day there I simply couldn't beleive how I would be able to carry on doing this for the next four years... Then the next day I was on my way back to the place (university or prison i'm not sure) and I felt that if I tried to imagine it had never happened, repress it in my mind then it would neve rhappen and I wouldn't have to go back there for a second day. It was sort of a midn control, I would go into denial in my mind and by being in denial it would mean that it truthfully would never have hapened. And it worked. I went back and nobody said I was in prison. The fact that I had a criminal record, could never get a decent job and my 2i was meaningless had disappeared through power of the mind. But it was still scary and I was so happy to wake up.

Finally, I was in America. I was with my mother and perhaps my brother and his mrs but no father and we had lots of young kids associtated iwth us, not sure if they were related or not. It is patchy as to what we were doing there, in particular it was interesting tha there was no flying stage involved, though I remember at one point it suddenly dawning on me that we were in america and at some point would have to fly back. we were in LA and apparently it isnt far from san fransisco. We had a car, and I remember remarking on how interesting it was that the driver's seat was where the passenger's seat should be on the left hand side. It seemed so bizzare. Suddenly things got pitched black and rainy and they closed the road betwen LA and SF and we couldnt get anywhere, there was a big crowd of people. i was really annoyed and i had an idea to ring hte powers that be in america to make them let us drive on the road because we wer ebritish and had a BBC camera crew with us (!?) I didnt know the number and wondered if the same directoy enquiries number would work in america as here (192 which is becoming defunct anyway.) bizzarely it did and we got through but just as we did the road was open anyway. We made it to SF and were told we were staying in this house which was identical to our house here. Apparently this style of house was veyr popular all over america... we went in and everything was laid out the same but slightly different. It took me ages to get to terms with the fact the house was dotted with US plug sockets not UK ones, I looked through all the cupbaords which were differnet fo rhte boiler of the house which I eventually found in a bizzare place. THe house was very spookly in the fact it was the same but totally differnet. everybody was here and we got ready to stay here. I felt quite stange, it really felt like I was miles away and in america i was sort of surreal.

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Funny set of dreams last night. Not least because I'm sure it involved figg snogging blokes at some point! (can'tr remember if he snogged me or not)

I cant remember much fo the rest of it, except being sort of in the student's union but at the same time not and to an extent at my old job too and also Cheers. There was some thing about trying hard to get a Basket Ball but the ones I kept getting from this bar that was in the same room but different bar loaded as a computer game kept breaking. I remember this new bar that springed out of the wall run by different people wouldnt let us have the bull and I tried to persuade the waitress to give me one ina cake box, she gave it to me but then tried to grab me and snog me as an evil trick to get me into trouble for ball steeling, I was dragged over the bar and had to get two of my mates from work to drag me away from her to escape. Next we had this weird idea to change the gas behind the bar. Terry Wogan, who was the bar manager, said it wasnt necesarry but we knew better. we had an idea of sneaking down a secret passage behind the gas fireplace but I felt too clostrophobic and that we'd get caught and I chickened out. For a moment it felt like I was at war. There was a bit later in the park where I used to go and play when small but all was different, there was no helter-skelter and the playground bits were all in different places. I also dreamed I was 28 and chatting with Iain about getting old.

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weird being back in halls
I'm back in halls, its all weird, and there are hidden air ducks from the bathroom upstiars and weird windows wher ehter eshouldn't be. It's really hot and people are doing washing up in the bath upstiars.

Upstairs Downstairs
An episode of Upstairs Downstairs. Mrs Bridges is being auditioned by the master and lady Marjorie for their son, James's thirty first birthday (they think that 31 like 21 should be important) Mrs Bridges is dancing on the table, and Marjorie is very happy. (even though she is a cook and it is not her place and a cook and butler dancing on the morning room table wouldn't even have been thought of in that era! Marjorie is worreid about her dress so considers lending her one of her evening gowns or something. mrs Bridges and flatters and at first refuses but then wears it.

It then goes to Mister James is in bed with a woman who at first seems like his sister Miss Lizzy. Alfred (the footman from early on) comes in on them and gasp! there is great shock. Alfred is like "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody, and don't worry, it's actually quite legal And, Mr James: two words: magic Mushrooms".

The master and lady order James to mary the woman, who ends up being a step sister or cousin or something - from the latter years when the master had remarried but marjorie is still very much alive and in it. The 'Magic Mushroom' reference refer to the fact that...

Not for the squeemish or easilly offendedCollapse )

Mister James then trips out and goes weird. The Master and Lady tell Mrs Bridges and Hudson not to worry, they can use their dance routine for the wedding instead.

We then cut to a very, very scary person in a wheelchair, who at first glance is mister James, but with one leg all deformed, a deformed face and a twisted leg. It is a very chilling and still image and it turns out to be an infant, the child bore from the pregnancy resulting in the sex of the related couple.

We then have the end credits. Immediately after is an early, 1982 Central logowith the words "Central Television" actually within the globey pingpongy ball part, with a yellowish reddy browny tint. In one corner it says "A Central Production for Channel 4" with a plain white Channel 4 ident in the corner. I remember thinking how this is really raere the ident and the inclusion of the channel 4 logo and the fact its before the credits. Also i think that upstairs downstiars was made in the 70s only 1972-1976, and that it should all be ATV (in actual fact it was in reality, 70s (that period) London Weekend/LWT so I was wrong twice in my dream!

The end credits then continue with entirely different end creidts and end music as usual with cars in ilustration on a yellow background instead of baige with darker green or brown text and sidings.

All very weird and intense