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061// Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama

Back again, and with a new fandom too! Lately I've been watching Prince of Tennis and I have to say that I like it very much even tough I don't really understand tennis in real life! *g* And I find it funny that now that I've been watching the show I reconized what and who they were talking about in sports news today when they mentioned Grand Slam, Roger Federer and Peter Sampras! *giggles* I was almost screaming "Change! Over!"

And since it's once again been a while since I last made icons I'm a little rusty... but I hope my icons aren't quite that bad!

[NOTE:] The Kanji I've used for the icons are taken from the Prince of Tennis' screencapso they should be right but if they aren't let me know! The Kanji in each icon stands for their names i.e. Echizen, Fuji, Momoshiro, Kaidoh and Inui.

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