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047// Harry Potter Manipulations

And here are the manipulations that I made today, well, yesterday. And some of my older ones that I haven't got around posting yet. You have to click the image to see the full sized picture...

These were made for icon making purpose so they are not really perfected... sadly.

And if you want to see my older Harry Potter manips click here.

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019// Harry Potter icons

[12] PoA icons
[9] GoF icons

I've been feeling so tired and burnt out after my job ended but now I have finally had the energy to actually do something... yup, you guessed right, Harry Potter icons! *g*

I'm even thinking about changing my layout... it's been like this (totally fucked up) for ages...

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014// 18 Icons from different fandoms

[2] Troy
[6] Star Wars
[8] Harry Potter
[2] Karl Urban

Being sick has its ups... it has left me time to tweak around and make some icons. I'm even cosidering to start up an Harry/Draco icontest commun... but I don't think that I have time to do it all of my own, so now I'm looking a person who might be interested to help me with it...

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