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_dreamworld icons

Just the way I want it to be

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Nessa Laer's Icons and Graphics
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  • _dreamworld@livejournal.com

_ d r e a m w o r l d ;;

this is nessa_laer's icon/graphic/art (what ever you want to call it) journal where I shall be posting me icons and everything else i come up with. (i'm currently using adobe's photoshop 7.)

i also have a deviantart account where i also post stuff that i don't feel like posting in my livejournals. you can find me under the name nessis.

and a word of warning, this journal contains homosexual material (relationships between two male individual) so do not be scared if you see an icon where two boys are being close to each other!

if you are interested seeing the icons i've won awards with go wisit my showcase.

the layout currently used was created by faceon.

a b o u t f a n d o m s ;;

i like reading (books, fanfiction, manga, you name it and I'll read it!) and watching anime. so most of the icons i make are about celebrities or the mangas, movies/series i read and watch.

my current fandoms are:
naruto (a&m), bleach (a&m), loveless (a&m), gravitation (a&m), dogs (m), kyou kara maou (a&m), prince of tennis (a&m), ouran koukou host club (a&m), fullmetal alchemist (a&m) and harry potter.
(a&m) means "anime and manga".

my favorite parings are:
uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto, uchiha itachi/uzumaki naruto(/uchiha sasuke), tezuka kunimitsu/echizen ryoma, (tezuka kunimitsu/)fuji syuusuke/echizen ryoma, ishida uryuu/kurosaki ichigo, kurosaki ichigo/ishida uryuu, yuki eiri/shindou shuichi, sakuma ryuichi/ shinou shuichi, edward elric/alphonse (alfons) heiderich, draco malfoy/harry potter and tom riddle/harry potter.

t h e r u l e s ;;

the standard rules impinge un here too, so i'm sure most of you are already familiar with them, however if you are not, here is a little refreshment.

1// comment and give me the number(s) of the icon(s) you are taking.

2// credit me in your keywords, like so: _dreamworld (or nessa_laer.)

3// no stealing and/or passing off any of my craphics as your own.

c r e d i t s g o e s t o ;;


the complete list of my credits and resources can be found here.

m y a f f i l i a t e s ;;


would you like to affiliate with me? just commet somewhere in the journal to let me know and i'll add you.

Uchiha Sasuke fanlisting Akatsuki fanlisting Sugiyama Noriaki fanlisting

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