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BrushSet 06// Katakana

This is the first part of the Japanese language-set I've made for PhotoShop. It consists of (for now at least) a brush set for both katakana and hiragana syllables.

The brushes for hiragana and katakana expanded can be found in here and here.

Please note that I do not speak, read nor write Japanese (well if you can count the misc. words I've learned while watching anime) so please inform me if there is something amiss...

This set is intended to be used mainly for icon making. The sizes of the syllables varies around 20px. Of course they can be used in wallpapers and in other bigger art works as well as in icons but they might be a bit small for them.

This set was made with PS7 and it includes both .abr and picture of an Katakana table.

The examples written in katakana are Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, hitohana (a flower), ame (rain or hard candy), haku (snow) and yume (dream) you can try to guess which is witch... *wink*

[x] Credit _dreamworld in keywords
[x] Comment if taking
[x] My resources
[x] No stealing and/or hotlinking

download image back and .abr file here (deviant art)
Tags: brush, resources
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