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060// Bleach

Ah, I've been fandom hopping again! This time they're Ouran High School Host Club, Inuyasha, Gundam Wing, Bleach and Naruto still of course... wow, no wonder I haven't made icons in almost two months and it shows! *cries* And from next week on I won't be home at week days... so my icon making has to wait till heaven knows when! *sigh*

On happier note, I've screencapped more Naruto episodes and also many many Ouran High School Host Club and Bleach ones... (My poor fingers) Now the only problem is where should I host them... I could get another photobucket account and host the 2000+ images there *itai!* or just coldly zip them and upload them into MegaUpload... what do you think?

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Tags: anime, bleach, ichigo/uryuu, slash
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