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Tutorial 02// Anime Coloring

lockexenocide and tsuppiyo wanted to know how I make my Naruto, and most of my anime, icons.

Well, this is it. It's really easy and I usually use this as a base to all my anime icons.

[x] Credit _dreamworld in keywords
[x] Comment if taking
[x] My resources
[x] No stealing and/or hotlinking

Please don't copy this tutorial exactly because the real fun in making icons is trying to come up with your own unique style, and this is kinda my own, so I'm really attached to it. But I would love to see what you come up with off this tutorial.

1// Start with this screencap from an anime series called Naruto.

2// Corp, resize and sharpen the icon if necessary. (I recommend you read this tutorial.)

3// Now duplicate the layer and set it to soft light, remember to play with the opacity after you have added the gradient!

4// Create a new layer and fill it with the wanted gradient (#4C4686 and #F1C5C4)* and set it to merge or soft light, depending on the picture, and once again play with the opacity.


*Or you can use only #F1C5C4 since it's usually more image/user friendly than #4C4686.

Tags: anime, naruto, sasuke, tutorial

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