September 7th, 2005

025// The Secret Garden

For years I have wanted to see The Secret Garden and until now, a few weeks back, I've not found it or haven't had enough money to buy it. I was going to buy The Sims 2 and the Uni batch but unfortunately, or not, they didn't have any left, so I went to check out the sale videos and there it was waiting for me!

I have seen the movie (version 1993) a couple times, and I love it... next I have to see the rest of David Copperfield, me and mum watched the first part of it today, then I have to screen cap it and make lots and lots of lil Davy (Daniel Radcliffe) icons!

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02// 11//

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027// Miscellaneous

[9] Lord of the Rings
[6] Queer As Folk
[4] Food
[5] Sexual Freedom
[1] Ash Wednesday
[1] Kill Bill vol.2
[1] Kingdom of Heaven
[1] Pirates of the Caribbean
[2] Cold Mountain
[5] Sin City
[4] Star Wars: Episode III

Some of these icons are really old... I don't even know why I'm posting them 'coz they are so hideous, well, at least you can see what I have learned... *g*

[Edit] Okay... I was looking trough my icon folder on my lap top and there was so many icons that I have never uploaded anywhere... so I decided to edit this post and just add them here... *g*

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