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054// Fan of Winds

Fan of Winds (working title) hit me few days ago while I was looking trough Naruto manga pictures.

This person (I'm not sure which I want it to be yet) fights their battles with the help of a magical fan that holds the powers of winds within it. Right now I'm searching for some old mythologies and beliefs about different winds (and their gods) around the world... if I find enough info that I could use I might try to make a short manga preview of it. If you'd like to read more about it you can look here.

The character most likely will go trough some changes along the way but for now I'm quite satisfied with it.

If you have some ideas (and critique is welcome too) that you'd like to share with me please do!

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to see the full sized picture click here (deviant art)
Tags: anime, art, fantasy, graphic, manga

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